The mobile app My Honda+ had made its successful debut on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. After only 2 weeks, the app had attracted 60,000 downloads on both platforms, and is current the Top 1 Free App on App Store. Such is the fruit of labor of over 60 FPT Software employees through 74 consecutive days.

In June 2019, after surpassing multiple domestic competitors, GST (FPT Software) had received a much “hot” request from Honda Vietnam – building and developing the My Honda+ App. Per the request, members of GST and ITS Dept, (Honda) had come together with the mutual target: to make a product of Vietnam, made by Vietnamese for Vietnamese.

All members regard Honda CRM to be a special project. 3 weeks before starting, management of GST and Honda’s ITS had hosted meetings through 3 consecutive days. “We discussed from 8 a.m to 6 p.m every day, completely forgetting that it was the holidays of 30/4 and 1/5. It was all to understand the project, its heart and scale, to reach a mutual decision on this strategic project,” Mr. To Vu An – a representative of the project team had shared.

GST Project team in Hanoi.

This is GST’s first Full-Stack and Full-LifeCycle project, and the team had to do all steps from gathering, analyzing, making requests, to making UI/UX – Implementation interfaces, data transferring (transfer over 100 million records from Honda Legacy Systems to AWS cloud), integrated testing, system testing, efficiency testing, security testing, and so on.

Human was the highest challenge to the project. In only 1 month, GST had to recruit and garner resources from all 3 BUs (with both Hanoi and Danang) to join in the project. There also exist other difficulties like unclear requests from customer, constant changes in UI/UX design, software deployment on multiple environments, and obligation with Honda Motors policies. Thus, the project team often have to work at Honda’s Vinh Phuc headquarter to collaborate via all departments, as well as deal with rush progress and demand for extremely high quality.

The My Honda+ project team in Danang.

After 3 months of deploying, in September 2019, My Honda+ application was officially handed over to Honda. On November 5, the app was introduced by Honda Vietnam during the reveal of the new generation Honda SH. My Honda+ includes these major functions: Digital warranty, tracking maintenance history, automatic repair & appointment reminder, updating product – promotions – events information, searching for Honda outlets, automobile connection…, promising to bring spectacular experiences and conveniences for customers.

We highly appreciate your effort as well as the efforts of the Honda-FSO team in transforming the CRM application on schedule”, Mr. Keisuke Tsuruzono – CEO of Honda Vietnam, expressed.

Special functions of the My Honda+ application.

The completion of this mobile application has laid the foundation for Honda Vietnam to bring Big Data into the firm’s operations of customer information management and customer care service improvement.

With the team’s tireless contribution and achievements, Honda Vietnam had invited GST and FVN to thanking parties two times. The firm also chose GST to be its partner in the 1.5 stage of the Honda CRM project, as well as in the new development of Honda’s Homepage. According to Mr. To Vu An, GST also constantly seek ways to improve efficiency and quality, as well as contribute ideas for Honda to make the improved 2.0 version of My Honda+ – making the product worth of Vietnam.

My Honda+ display.

Mr. Nguyen Bang Giang, Account Manager for projects with Honda Vietnam had shared that, in the past 3 years, FPT Software and Honda Vietnam has made constant progress. One highlight project is the sales system for 800 HMS – Oracle motor outlets of Honda Vietnam. Along with GST, the firm had also partnered with EBS SAP, EBS DMS, FHN, DPS.

Successful deployments on tech applications to the daily life has proven the role of FPT Software in bringing closer and valued technology solutions to the community. Such is also a direction among many of FPT Software in the near future, as a leading tech company of Vietnam.

FPT Software

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