According to a representative from FPT Software, the company had just confirmed a high-value contract for royalty use of akaBot – a Robotic Process Automation Platform (RPA) to a Korean business in home shopping. This step into the Korean market will be a launching pad for FPT Software to bring more Vietnamese technology into this active playground.

RPA is garnering attention from various companies and corporations in Korea, especially under the economic influence of the Covid-19 outbreak, rendering resource optimization to become a life-or-death matter to businesses. This poses an opportunity for akaBot – with its benefits of providing automatization solutions, as well as building customer development and customer support teams.

Born since July 2018, akaBot is one solution among many in FPT Software’s ecosystem of various digital transformation platforms and solutions. This platform can be applicable in fields like medical, commercial, human resources, public traffic, finance, accounting…

With akaBot, customers can automatize their administration procedures, which may be overusing human resources and erroneous. “When applied, administration procedures will be automatized with close to 0 errors, reducing 90% of operation time, 75% of costs, while ensuring 24/7 services, all for businesses’ easy access to digital transformation, at the same time improve competitive ability and customer experience”, shared the representative from FPT Software.

According to an announcement by FPT Software in 2019, total value of royalties from provision of akaBot to customers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Europe, and so on, had reached 8 million USD. The company also hold a 6.5 millon USD contract over 5 years with a Japanese business. The platform is also listed in RPA Hack’s “World’s Top 30 RPA products 2019”, alongside those valued at hundreds of million USD like UiPath and BluePrism.

FPT Software had also affirmed that akaBot had succeeded thanks to the company’s dedication to product development, catching up with worldwide demand and trends in technology.

akaBot is on the list of “World’s Top 30 RPA products 2019”

Beside akaBot, FPT Software is also developing and providing numerous other optimization platforms and solutions like akaChain – Blockhain platform for businesses; akaMES – a solution for various “pain points” at factories; akaDoc – a document digitalization solution… At the moment, the company aims to grow from an outsourcing model to a provider of technology and digital transformation provider, becoming a participant in higher levels of the software service supply chain. The company’s strategy is to move its focus onto products, digital transformation, and development of advanced technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), RPA, and so on.

After 20 years, FPT Software has now become one of the leading software firms in Vietnam, with over 16,000 employees over the world. The company is also working with IBM, Compaq, Microsoft, Siemens… and hundreds of other clients in “Fortune Global 500”.


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