FPT medical inventions allows users to collect samples at home, learn more about symptoms, make an appointment with doctor, buy medicine from reliable pharmacy, avoid to queue up for examination, etc.

As the government has introduced social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, the demand for healthcare at home has dramatically increased. However, the service in private hospitals is quite expensive, making it unreachable for everyone.

As a result, students majoring in Software engineering in FPT University have come up with a lot of amazing solutions for this problem in thesis defense for graduation in the spring of 2020. With the With smartphones connected to the Internet, patients can collect samples at home, buy medicine and make an appointment with doctor.

Medtest is an application developed by a four-member team. The app supports users to book an appointment with doctor and collect samples at home. After downloading and logging into the app, patients can register specific time and address for nurse to come and take the sample. Then the results will be sent to the app.

The team was giving a presentation about Medtest.

In addition, patients can also actively schedule a doctor’s appointment via Medtest. If there is any changes in time and date of the medical examination or, the clinic will immediately contact patients to set another appointment that coincides with doctor’s schedule. Medtest also allows patients to contact the clinic directly via hotline if they want to get support or give feedback for the service.

Its user-friendly interface was highly appreciated by the Committee, making Medtest become a useful product to connect clinics with patients as the pandemic hit.

The interface of Medtest.

“Currently we are just working with a clinic, but we will coordinate with other clinics, continue developing Medtest to meet the requirement of users and roll out the apps in the near future”, said Pham Le Quynh Lam, leader of the team.

Another striking invention is a website developed by a team of 5 students, with the goal of providing online oriental medicine consultation. The team has collaborated with reliable pharmacies as well as doctors specialized in Traditional Medicine to build a free website for consulting on oriental medicine.

The team was giving a presentation about their website providing online oriental medicine consultation.

Users can find information about alternative medicines, purchase medicine and get treatment advice and prevention tips about common diseases on the website. In addition, users can also get free online advice with a 24/7 chatbox. When registering an account on the website, users can schedule an appointment with the doctor for direct advice.

The website was highly appreciated by the Committee for technical skills and usefulness. Sharing about the product, team leader Duong Van Hai said: “In the past 4 months, we made great efforts to connect with doctors and pharmacies to help patients get medical consultation and examination from experts. After getting feedback from teachers, we will add some potential features to the website. For example, in the purchase process, the transaction will be pushed directly to the website instead of just storing information and waiting for the team to contact customers.” Currently, the website has been launched and received positive feedback from users.

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