The new application developed by students of FPT University can help farmers in early detection of poultry diseases, thus prevent possible outbreaks and lessen the need to visit veterinarians both for COVID-incurred social isolation and cost-saving in the new reality.

The simultaneous COVID-19 and bird flu outbreak had led to heavy consequences for farmers and veterinarians alike. Social isolation and quarantine measures also delayed timely diagnosis, leading to considerable losses in both poultry population and farmer incomes, even resulting in a national food shortage.

FPT students confidently defending their thesis against the judging panel for FPT Edu Research Festival 2020.

A group of IT students at FPT University Can Tho, including Pham Quoc Nghi, Le Thanh Nhan, Huynh Thi Nhien, and Truong Thi Thanh Xuan had developed an AI-based system for managing diseases in poultry, and had presented this project in Final round of FPT Edu Research Festival 2020, FPT University Can Tho. The application, called DCD APP, only takes 30 seconds to process photos of sick poultry and return resulting including: name of disease, how to handle, consultancy support, and expert contact.

DCD APP makes sure to protect user information.

The DCD APP can be downloaded on smartphone, and includes 4 features: Management, identification, diagnosis, and e-commerce. After registration, users can upload their images or snap a photo of outward symptoms, then wait for diagnosis by this “virtual doctor”. On average, DCD APP only takes 30 seconds to process an image and return information including name of disease, how to handle, consultancy support, and expert contact.

Diagnosis via outward symptoms on the poultry’s body.

There are many mobile applications that allow for connection between farmers and veterinarians nowadays. However, these are only chat platforms between animal owners and vets, while DCD APP is a rare app that enables poultry disease diagnosis in Vietnam.

Diagnosis via outward symptoms on the poultry’s body.

DCD APP will reduce the pressure placed upon Veterinary Departments and vet clinics, assist farmers in early detection of diseases, limit visits to clinics during social isolation, and save traveling costs in the new reality. The integrated e-commerce function also allows farmers to connect with providers and shop for necessary products online. This is even more meaningful during the current situation when COVID has yet to be contained across the globe.

On average, AI takes 30 seconds to return diagnosis results.

“Our team has surveyed, researched, and completed this product over a course of 1 year. The biggest challenge to us was in collecting poultry disease data, for Vietnam is still limited in databases and resources. However, we were lucky to receive support from FVET Vietnam, both in databases and in specialty,” said student Le Thanh Nhan – representative of the group in FPT Edu Research Festival 2020.

The project had received ample acclaims from the judges.

Le Thanh Nhan also share that, PODD will continue to research and develop DCD APP under the orientation of: Partnering with vet clinics and offer commissioned sales for their products on the platform, allowing farmers to shop online for farming necessities; Vietgap and global gap development to enable access to product origins; Develop supervisory camera systems on poultry farms to gather information regarding quantity of food, amount of water, and quality of air, to improve accuracy of disease predictions.

The Final round of FPT Edu Research Festival 2020 was hosted on October 10-11, at FPT University HCMC campus. Following the topic of “Worldwide Pandemic the 1st day”, 32 teams what majors in IT, Business Administration, Linguistics, and Graphic Design, had brought unique, practical, and convincing ideas that are highly regarded by the judging panel – consisting of esteemed researchers in Vietnam. FPT Edu Research Festival 2020 is not only a scientific research competition, but also is an experience and a learning journey for students of FPT Education. Through the competition, FPT Education hopes to equip their students with means to approach, research, and present scientifically.

Source: Dan Tri

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