Following a contract signed in April 2019, FPT Software in collaboration with Ecopark Corporation had successfully tested a self-driving car in the latter’s civilization.

On the recent October 30, the self-driving electronic Yamaha car, developed by FPT, had succeeded in tests over a track of 4 kilometers, 5 bus stops, various turns and intersections in the Ecopark civilization. In order to book the car, users only need to choose a pick-up location and destination, then the system will select an optimized path for car designation according to booking time. During the trip, the car was able to stop, avoid still obstacles, sudden hurdles, and moving vehicles automatically, as well as dropping off guest on set locations with 100% accuracy. After the ending the journey, should it find no extra guests, the car would automatically move back to the parking station.

FPT introduced its first self-driving car on October 2017, thus becoming the first Vietnamese company to do so, and one of the few pioneers in this field in South East Asia. FPT had also succeeded in testing self-driving technology on commercial 4-seat cars and electronic golf carts in the high-tech regions of District 9 in Ho Chi Minh City and FPT Complex in Da Nang.

The new car’s functions are equivalent to Level 3 in Self-driving car developed by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE).

On a special note, for the first time in Viet Nam, users can have free experience on this self-driving car at FPT TechDay 2019, to be hosted on November 21 2019 at the National Convention Center. The car utilizes the first Made in Vietnam self-driving technology, developed by FPT’s own technology engineers, and shall act as a carrier for attenders at FPT TechDay 2019.

According to Mr. Hoang Nam Tien, CEO of FPT Software, this is an important mark for FPT Software’s successes in researching and developing automation and self-driving technology. At the same time, the success also means opportunities for self-driving cars to work in transportation of human and goods in tourist areas, golf courses, civilizations, airports, and factories. FPT Software is also proud to be one of the first South East Asia companies to successfully test self-driving technology.

Mr. Nguyen Dung Minh, Deputy General Director, Ecopark Corporation shared: “We are extremely glad about the optimistic results of the self-driving test done in collaboration with FPT Software. In the near future, we will research on the practical application of this technology for the citizens of Ecopark. We also aim for Ecopark to derive power from digital technology, and to become a smart and green civilization, worthy of a global level.”

Source: Nguoi Lao Dong News

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