On October 3rd, 2019, FPT Corporation kicked off the 2019 Technology expert ranking project. This project is an annual activity that attracts and encourages technology professionals to participate and contribute to the mutual project of FPT. 2019 is the seventh year FPT is implementing a technology expert ranking project.

Technology expert – Important resource in digital transformation era

The process of global digital transformation is taking place quite quickly (IDG): as of 2018, about 90% of organizations and businesses have plans to develop and implement digital transformation. In the digital transformation era, the most important facto is not only innovation in the business model, process but also innovation from personnel to do big projects, big problem, adding great value for society. Technology experts play a key role in the realization of that mission. FPT is deploying digital transformation for customers and applications at the company, so the role of technology experts will be even more important

The program is organized with the desire to express the recognition of the company for the great contributions of technology experts to the overall development of FPT; simultaneously, it contributes to a hopefully more and more talented and qualified team of experts, devoting the creativity and intellect to promote FPT and Vietnam technologies on the world technology map. The ranking of tech experts also recognizes and brings the best benefits and working conditions to the deserved technology experts.

President Truong Gia Binh stated: “Technology expert is normally the man behind the scene but bringing aura of thriving for the corporation. In the future, there will be a huge challenge to build a world-class corporation in digital transformation. This revolution requires another level, I believe when the opportunity is there, FPT Technology expert will take advantage  and bring FPT to another level of excellence.”

Table 1. Ranking of technicians in countries around the world.

The role of technology experts is also highly prioritized, from leading technology corporations to startups. At Google, the system of all levels (Google abbreviated as L or T for technology positions). For example, the starting point for engineers would be at Level 3, or T3, up to Senior Fellow’s ranking position. Apple also divides five levels of engineers, from ICT2 to ICT6. Facebook from E3 to E9.

The FPT Corporation kicked off the project on October 3rd, 2019, Applicants will submit the profile to the HR unit in the company. The deadline for submissions will be October 26th, 2019. Based on the rating criteria, the HR officer in charge at subsidiaries will collect and send to CTO in each subsidiary for final approval. Afterward, the judging panel reviewing the technology expert title will interview and work with the CEO for final approval of the list of technology experts at the Group level in 2019. The 2019 technology expert honoring ceremony is scheduled to be held at the end of November 2019.

The honoring ceremony for 2018 was held at Top of Hanoi, 67th floor of Lotte Hotel, 54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi on November 23. In the 6th event, FPT Corporation honored 34 newly-ranked employees in 2018 with 7 upgraded rank employees.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh – FPT Chairman conducted and enjoyed the STCo songs with Technology Experts.
Technology Experts and members of the Organizing Committee performed the debut song – “FPT Tech song” at the FPT Tech Experts honor ceremony.
STCo has created something unique to FPT. The STCo songs were performed in a warm, cozy atmosphere of the ceremony.

FPT Tech Experts 2017 took place on November 16, at GEM Center (HCM) FPT Tech Experts 2017 took place on November 21, at JW Marriott Hotel, Ha Noi.

At FPT Tech Experts 2018, FPT experts and family and relatives attended the event. In the show, in addition to honoring the Tech Experts, FPT’s chief officers talked about future technology orientations of the corporation and the specific roles of the Tech Experts in FPT’s pathway ahead. The event brought a warm and formal atmosphere as well as friendly and open sharing among the leaders, the technology experts, and their families.

Criteria for ranking FPT Tech Experts 2019 includes Education (diplomas, technology certificates); Foreign Language; Experience in technology; Experience with technological titles; Importance or influence level for the organization; Trophy/Achievement Technology achievements; Contribution to the community; Understanding of the IT industry; Capicity to work with customers and partners.

Beginning in 2013, FPT ranked its technology expert with an aim turning FPT into a world-class technology corporation as well as in building the technology career path for building technology staff. Human beings are the key factor, playing an increasingly important role in the context of technological development. At FPT, the role of human resources, especially the role of technology experts, has kept its leading position as FPT is aiming to become a global leader in intelligent services in the 4th industrial revolution.

Five ranking titles include:

Product Manager: Has primary responsibility for the development and refinement of technology products.

Architect: Designer of overall architectures for information systems and products.

Specialist: Deep knowledge of a specific discipline, programming language, popular technological product, technological solution or technical basis to develop new products and technologies.

Business Consultant: Expert in certain domains. Searches for and discovers business opportunities from applications of products and technological solutions.

Technical Consultant: In direct contact with the customer. Acknowledges and understands customer problems in depth to put forward the most suitable proposal on the basis of existing technological solutions and products.

Le Hoang

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