FPT Techday made its comeback on November 19 in Ho Chi Minh City and involved more than 1,000 attendees who were leaders of large businesses, consulting firms and technology experts, and thousands of online viewers.

FPT Techday is an annual event hosted by FPT Corporation. The event showcased the latest trends and technologies that creates unlimited paths to shape the future, and several practical lessons and experiences from experts both in and outside the nation.

With the theme of “Smart Collaboration For Productivity”, the 2020 FPT Techday was available on both the online and offline platforms. It offers 4 main sections: Intensive seminar for businesses and technology communities; Exhibition of comprehensive digital ecosystem – digital transformation services and solutions; 1:1 Consulting sessions with senior tech experts; and the Tech Arena.

Human-machine collaboration for better customer experience

Several businesses are struggling to survive in the changing world. “We have never seen such a dramatic change before. Businesses have to adapt and integrate digital technology into all areas of their process, or being swept away,” emphasized Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT Corporation.

One of the challenge is customer loyalty. The amount of trust customers put in brands is decreasing all the time, and a typical customers will now switch brands without hesitation if they get a better offer. “They are not patient. They want to have cars arrived right to their doors or a bowl of Pho to their table by just one click. They only click when they get the best and cheapest product,” said Binh, “If customers are unhappy, they will leave you. All they need is a good experience, not just a touchpoint that is a product or service.”

Another challenge is that businesses did not have direct contact with customers but had to aim for “no touch, no contact” amid the Covid-19.

FPT Techday involved three parties: state, businesses and technologists. However, the three parties make up only half of the change. The other half is the power of technologies and machines. The event created a new power to boost performance and productivity in the new normal.

Especially, the technologist is considered as “the hero of the era”. “The time for these heroes has come,” said Binh.

Technology application for better resilience

Sharing the same viewpoint of Binh, Pankaj Rathi, CEO of Deloitte Southeast Asia, said that businesses are facing an uncertain future, as the COVID-19 pandemic is forecast to cause the worst global recession since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

“Against this backdrop, technology can address critical needs and build a more resilient future for businesses. Over the past two years, the top 5 global companies have technology-based assets, such as Apple, Amazon or Google. These businesses have a high likelihood of maintaining growth while the rest is struggling with Covid-19. The common point of these businesses is the power of technology,” said Rathi.

According to a survey of Deloitte, in the age of fluctuating variables, technology and digital tools are no longer the strategic advantage but a “must-have” element in for businesses to kick start the next normal, get ahead, create new groundbreaking values, and aim towards prosperity. There are three factors that are the driving forces of successful businesses: Speed of Transformation, Flexibility and Continuity, and other advantages (AI, Networks, and Partners).

“The most dangerous thing is not how the world is changing, it’s all about keeping the way of operating yesterday,” said Rathi.

Digital transformation cuts costs by up to 60%

Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT shared: “Technology and digital transformation have been the integral part of growth in the new normal. After a year with unexpected challenges, FPT has initially overcome those challenges thanks to its willingness to adopt technology and implement digital transformation years ago.”

FPT activated “wartime” mode and set up a command center to speed response and decisions, sometimes within 24 hours. “We determine that it is better to make a wrong decision than not to make a decision. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” said Khoa.

“We believe in the power of technology-human collaboration. With technology, we can change the situation, gain new opportunities and create greater values,” said the head of FPT.

Mr. Le Hong Viet, CEO of FPT Smart Cloud, share that FPT customer care center to handle real-time customer’s inquiries by using AI-powered system. The smart system could carry out 90% of incoming and outgoing calls, reducing costs by up to 45% and reaching 4 out of 5 points. With complex and human-human conversations, agents would take over the tasks.

Based on implementing digital transformation products and solutions for customers, FPT experts calculate that digital transformation could help businesses cut costs by up to 60 per cent and even save up to 90 per cent in time in some processes compared to pre-digitisation.

Through valuable sharing of experts, business representatives can visualize a future of the next normal and find out the remedy for a sustainable growth from the collaboration of technology and human.

FPT Techday 2020 also brings experiences and inspiration to the young technology community to promote digital transformation process and change the community’s perception of how to apply, use and interact with technology.

At the event, the young tech community was inspired by leading tech experts, including Professor Yoshua Bengio, founder of the Mila – Quebec AI Institute, the world’s leading AI research institute. The “godfather of AI” delivered a talk about “The future of technology, tech trends and how technology evolves and serves people”.

Another activity that cannot be missed is the tech arena for programmers with prizes totaling to over VND200 million. At the Arena, more than 2,000 programmers stand the chance to prove their abilities and skills in various fields, such as programming, artificial intelligence (AI) and platforms, through several tough challenges.

FPT Technology Innovation Department

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