FPT Technology Innovation Department is recruiting numerous positions for researching and developing the artificial intelligence platform FPT.AI, with the newest applicable technologies.

1. Job Description:

1.1. Software Engineer

Detailed job description:

  • Develop information systems (Research the operating principles; design, develop and install software solutions)


  • At least 5-year experience in system design/encoding;
  • Able to learn/study new languages and system structures;
  • Prioritize applicants knowledgeable in Linux (Redhat, CentOS), AWS, Ansible, Docker, Go, Python.

Salary: 50 million VND/month

1.2. Back-end engineer

Job description:

  • Optimize the source code of FPT’s core banking for voice processing for the best efficiency and stability, operate real-time servers with high traffic;
  • Optimize API gateway for voice synthesization and identification for real-time service for high traffic;
  • Perform quality improvement experiments for voice synthesization (including: better synthesization for imported words from English, additions of self-definition mechanism from pronunciation, increasing naturalness and clarity in synthesized voices) and voice identification (including building semi-automatic cleaning tools for training data, building collection tools for large-scale training data), under the directions of team leaders or team researchers.


  • At least 5-year experience in programming, fluent in at least C/C++, and is experienced in optimizing C/C++ applications for the highest efficiency and stability;
  • Experienced in building products operating on high-traffic servers;
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in Digital Signal Processing;
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in natural language;
  • Knowledgeable in Deep Machine Learning.

Salary: 40 million VND/month

1.3. Front-end engineer

Job Description:

  • Develop displays for application platforms;
  • Analyses and updates to improve user experience;
  • Design and create displays for new versions of platforms.


  • At least 3-year experience;
  • Proficient in UI-UX, web markup (HTML5, CSS3, and frameworks such as Bootstrap…);
  • Proficient in client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Vuejs;
  • Knowledgeable in asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX;
  • Basic knowledge in CSS server-side pre-processor platforms (LESS, SASS,…); backend programming;
  • Experienced in web development for mobile platforms.

 We prioritize applicants who:

  • Understand/Use Promise;
  • Proficient in using tools like Illustrator or Photoshop;
  • Have knowledge in AngularJS or ReactJS;
  • Have knowledge in web security.

Salary: 40 million VND/month.

1.4. Automation Tester

Job description:

  • Participate in product analysis;
  • Design test method, test plan, test cases;
  • Perform and review test process;
  • Design and apply Automation Test in product development.


  • College graduate;
  • Skilled in English communications and documents;
  • Has ISTQB/ISEB Foundation;
  • Experienced in building automatic frameworks.

Salary: 35 million VND/month.

1.5. Dev-ops engineer

Job description:

  • Design infrastructures that ensure scalability, reliability, high availability, performance, and security;
  • Design and maintain procedures and checklists on monitoring and backup;
  • Deploy elements that serve the automation test/performance test;
  • System-tracking; cooperate with the development team to handle problems;
  • Learn and research new technologies and develop tools to increase visibility and productivity for FPT Technology Innovation Department.


  • Above 3 years of experience in System Administrator or System Engineer or DevOps engineer;
  • Knowledgeable in standard methodologies like configuration management, monitoring, alerting, metrics (Priority: Ansible, Zabbix, ElasticSearch);
  • Have knowledge in the container (Docker).

We prioritize applicants who:

  • Have knowledge in Python, Go, Kubernetes;
  • Have qualifications in AWS Solutions Architect/DevOps Certifications; Linux Certification.

Salary: 55 million VND/month

2. Benefits:

  • Wage as stated above;
  • Opportunity to work in a creative environment at the top Technology Enterprise  of Vietnam;
  • Promotion opportunities to become: Senior Technology Specialist of FPT Group; product direct…;
  • Opportunities to attend reputed technology seminar in and outside the country;
  • FPT Care Insurance, teambuilding, annual vacations.

3. Work regulations

  • Work hours: 8h30 – 18h, Monday to Friday (hours can be flexible).
  • Work location: 14th Floor, IC Building, 82 Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

4. Application methods

  • Applicants may send CVs to [email protected]
  • Email title: Applied Position_(Full Name)
  • Hotline: 0968617683 (Ms. Thao)
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