FPT Technology Innovation (FTI) is recruiting technicians/programmers to do researches on the development of speech processing and natural language processing systems, optimize source code software and API port, test the improved quality of Text to Speech and Speech to Text technology.

1.      Job description

  • Optimize Text to Speech core software available in FPT;
  • Optimize API port providing Text to Speech and Speech to Text services;
  • Carry out experiments to improve the quality of Text to Speech and Speech to Text as required by the team leader.
  1. Requirements:
  • At least 02 years of programming experience, C or C ++ language proficiency;  C and C ++ application optimization  experience;
  • Candidates with experience in the development of server-based products that serve large numbers of users are prioritized;
  • Have knowledge and experience in digital signal and natural language processing;
  • Have knowledge of machine learning;
  • Ability to work under high pressure, having a sense of responsibility;
  • Want to create high-end products.
  1. Privileges
  • Competitive Salary
  • A clear promotion path, become either a Technology Specialist, or System Architect, or a Group Product Manager.
  1. Contacts

FPT Technology Innovation (FTI) belongs to FPT Corporation, was established to research to find solutions and new technology trends for business and production of subsidiaries. FTI mainly works on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Security, Big Data,… In addition, communicating technology, connecting community are also deployed by communication team who are in charge of promotional activities, organizing events, building and bringing the image of FPT closer to the community.

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