FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI) cooperated with Mitsubishi Research Institute, Japan on developing human resources in information technology and communication at the end of 12/2015.

FPT Technology Research Institute (FTRI) cooperate with Japan

This collaboration gives an ideal opportunity for staff and lecturers from FTRI and FPT University as a whole to acquire a better insight into the tendency of training and recruiting humans in the sector. Also, the signing ceremony offered a number of other partnerships between FTRI, FU and many organizations in Japan, where technology and training is known as taking the lead globally.

In the signing ceremony, a representative from Mitsubishi Research Institute generally discussed the systematic research regarding HR development in IT and communication in Japan. As informed then, with the advance of software production, the Land of the rising Sun has put strong emphasis on training and developing human resources in information technology since the 6th and 7th decade of the last century.

“With invaluable experience in researching, Mitsubishi Research Institute can actively support academic documents, and conducting methods for FU as well as Vietnamese Information Techonology and Communication to develop high-quality human resources”, said Mr. Naoki Yoshida, Head of MRI.

PhD. Tran The Trung, Head of FTRI, said: “FU can take advantage of the considerable experience of the Japanese partner as valuable document sources to build up curriculum, trainning programs and career orientation for IT students. Also, we have a certain amount of specific research to discuss with the Japanese collaborator. This, hopefully, can help us to analyze both strength and weakness of training activities for IT human resources at present.”

ICT – A project of research and development of human resources will be conducted from 12/2015 to 8/2016 with 5 stages including sharing project objectives, analyzing HR situation in Vietnam, extracting from foreign analysis, drawing up a long-term scheme for ICT human resources development, and completing project report.

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