Fourth industrial revolution has made substantial impact on economic sectors and society. Simple human tasks tend to be replaced by smart computing services or transforming in the direction of enhancing productivity tremendously. FPT has striving relentlessly to grasp opportunities in this fourth industrial revolution.

FPT Software

The main business model of FPT Software (FSOFT) , which is outsourcing, keeps on growing  while new business direction strategy, which facilitates business migration of client, is expected to achieve high growth and account for majority share of  FSOFT business outcome in the future.

FSOFT will set aside a vast sum of budget in the research and development project to make proof-of-concept (POC) for clients in each field, such as finance, electricity, automation, etc … Each POC demonstrated the data processing technology, natural language processing, image processing, cloud & mobile, along with the new business models. This in turn will be benefit for the business by improving operational efficiency, building new business models, creating new customer experience.

FPT Information System

FPT Information System (FIS) will also invest heavily in data analysis technology for corporate sectors, based on the advantage of having top experts who have wide professional knowledge. Projects which develop new services and products related to this field are: risk management system which based on big data analysis; national system of analysis and financial report.

The core and the back-end system of various business fields, which are strength of  FIS, are continued to be invested for development such as derivatives transaction system for securities firms, commercial banks; New core system for e.Hospital; Digital Banking Platform for several banks …

FIS will keep on doing research and development of integrated systems, including electronic ticket system for the vehicles and parking sites;  Traffic info portal which provides APIs of traffic data to third parties (Banner, mobile applications, web); HES software system (Head End System) -telemetry of electricity industry, using DCU standard.

New services which is invested by FIS include: SOC (Security Operations Center); Cloudification of some pervious products made by FIS such as: e.HRP, e.Gov and e.Hospital …

FPT Telecom

FPT Telecom (FTel) focuses on improving the quality of current telecommunications services by most advanced technologies, while continuing to develop new solutions and services to customers based on current telecommunication infrastructure.

Specifically, FTEL will release portal customer services website using chatbot interface, voice synthesis and algorithm for customer data analysis, optimize customer experience under this interface. Communications bug relating to Wifi and threats will also be analyzed thoroughly for client consulting. Non-cash e-payment system will also be deployed.

On the network infrastructure, atterminal devices in client’s site, the latest generation of hardware and applications written on it will be updated. In the middleware, monitoring software is also updated functions such as giving information and warning (temperature, humidity, fire, smoke, flooding, intrusion, power status, etc…) and monitoring (air conditional, ventilation, DC, generators and ATS, lights and cameras). DNS system has just been updated the feature of predicting user behavior, new SDN, real-time SLA, and IPv6 will continued to be deployed. Network architecture will also be automatically adjusted and reorganized when bugs or unusual events are detected automatically.

At data center, fire protection systems using reduced oxygen levels methodology will be experimented. Here, IoT technologies will be applied in each area (control automatically CCTV, light, air conditioning temperature, cleaning robots, etc… data analysis system). Results of the data analysis will also be used.

The new service was developed on telecommunications infrastructure will largely follow the trend of IoT, including smart home, security camera monitor, optimize energy consumption, agriculture, electronics, electronic health care …

FPT Online

FPT Online (FO) owns multiple data sources for content and online behavior of  users. FO will deploy personalized content for each viewer and provide information accordingly to the reader’s interest, based on data analysis technology. Advertising content is also produced matching to needs of viewers.

FO is considering to upgrade infrastructure, including building digital experience monitoring system, tracking data that reflect the experience of the user and ultimately improving products and services; Upgrading systems and architecture to increase flexibility and feasibility; Testing new forms of content such as Data Visualization, Photo 360, 306 Video, Virtual reality, chatbot.  FO will apply more S.M.A.C in  internal business systems, and training & development for technology officers will continue be deployed.

FPT Retail

As for FPT Retail (FRT), the ultimate goal of technology development strategy is to enhance customer satisfaction. FRT will focus on applying technology in online customer recognition through crawling system such as camera, robot or beacon devices and big data analysis system. When the customer is identified by name or location, this data will be analyzed and relaying to the customer service department, or else sending to system of online recommendation & online shopping services to make shopping experience more interesting. In addition, creating customer service software that respond rapidly is also one of the important direction of  FRT.

FPT Education

Following the success of  FPT University admissions in 2016 (growth of 30% in admission), FPT Education will invest heavily in online admission in 2017. Specifically, FPT University aims to have online enrollment numbers to be equivalent to 50% of the total number of students enrollment in 2017.

The reason for this shift is the big data analysis technology which helps understand student and parents need and improve productivity tremendously. Admission team of FPT Education will work closely with the FPT Technology & Innovations team to fully exploit the potential of  big data processing of FPT Corporation.

Tran The Trung

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