The 4.0 industrial revolution has direct impact on the Vietnamese lifestyle, resulting in a rising demand for smart products usage. This new consumption trend has led to new product development opportunities that promises to elevate the standing of advanced technology companies like FPT Telecom.

According to Mr. Hoang Viet Anh – CEO of FPT Telecom, during the past 5-10 years, telecomunication has seen little growth, deeming it necessary to expand businesses for development of “trendy” new products. From the macro problem of how to meet the skyrocketing demand for smart appliances to more particular questions for each product like: How to support customers in safe management of information provided to children? How to make every product a smart assistant in every Vietnam household?… all are problems for FPT Telecom to solve.

Mr. Hoang Viet Anh – CEO of FPT Telecom.

Alongside developing traditional telecommunication products, FPT Telecom is quick to join the many business researching and developing smart products. This strategy has brought positive business performance, seeing that FPT Telecom’s revenue of 2019 had seen a 17.9% rise compared to that of the previous year.

Coming to 2020, the customer base of FPT Telecom is becoming younger – requiring all their service requests to be done with just one touch on their smartphones. Such a reality is setting quite the challenge for FPT Telecom, at the same time providing them with an opportunity in building a product ecosystem to improve the life quality of Vietnameses. With the ‘Amazing Experience’ strategic orientation, FPT Telecom now focuses on customer experience and improving service quality, making the firm no longer just a product provider, but also a business that brings the best experience in the marketing.

Let’s recount the many “hot” products for FPT Telecom and how they have changed the life of millions of Vietnamese consumers!

Having made its first appearance on the market in September 2016, and having gone through myriads of updates, the Hi FPT App has now attracted over 1.8 million domestics customers. Hi FPT 5.0, which was introduced in the end of October 2019, has also received various positive feedbacks from consumers. With its various integrated feature, Hi FPT can satisfy most customer demands and needs like Modem management, new service registration, bill settlement, 24/7 support line, and so on.

On smartphone, Hi FPT displays full information about the registered account and promotions, which allows customers to select pre-paid packages or make online payments. Via digitalization, Hi FPT also offer maximum support for monthly payments of Internet services and FPT Television. Customers can sync their cards, sign up for prepayment, and enable automatic payment – all within minutes of information submission via the system.

The Hi FPT app is also favored due to its child supervision feature, which allows parents to manage their children’s Internet usage. In Modem Internet management, customers can also toggle ON/OFF WIFI from afar, or set schedules for WIFI usage with great convenience. These features are also available in Smart Box managment for FPT Television – where parents can control broadcast contents with just simple clicks. It is also possible to set passwords (encryptions) in the app, from which parents can set watching schedules, manage watching time, and control watching contents on television.

Security is also a focus of FPT Telecom on this product, as Hi FPT is equipped with many strong and convenient protection measures like Face ID, PIN, Touch ID… suitable for most customers’ consumption habits. Now, instead of having to visit FPT Telecom agencies and showrooms, new users can purchase FPT Internet and Television services on their own smartphones.

After Hi FPT, FPT Telecom’s ecosystem has seen continued support for the theft prevention product FPT ihome. Priced at 299,000 VND, the product has recorded a total of over 1,000 sales in only 2 months from its introduction in November 2019.

Cloud is slowing gaining its place in the user’s mind, as it allows them access to data from anywhere and any device, as long as there is stable Internet. Up until now, Cloud services has seen strong applications and become the drive for information technology development. Its “pay-as-you-go” nature and reliable security has made Cloud an attractive solution that can satisfy the needs of quite the range of customers.

First appeared in the market in 2019, FPT Camera is highly regarded by consumers, thanks to its stable performance, high quality camera, Cloud storage, and allowance of multiple mobile devices. The product is distinctive in that its data are safely stored on Cloud instead of a physical storage, along with the Plug&Play feature which allows for easy installation and connection.

As the product expected to become a smart assistant for Vietnamese families by FPT Telecom, FPT Play Box+ 2020 is quite the purchase for tech lovers. It is the first TV Box product in Vietnam to utilize the Android TV 10 OS from Google, thus enabling the Voice Search and Voice Remote features.

Voice Remote is designed with physical buttons to access the 2 apps of Shopping TV (the first online TV shopping platform in Vietnam) and Rogo (the Smart Home connection and device control solution). Just by pressing the voice button on the remote and telling the TV which content you want to see, relevant recommendations will immediately pop up ion the screen. FPT Play Box+ 2020 is also integrated with Google Assistant, which allows users to issue commands using Voice Remote, or even converse with the TV. Therefore, even a usual television can easily interact with users.

Voice Remote can also satisfy customers’ online shopping needs via the Shopping TV app. This app is different from other TV shopping platforms in that it allows selection of goods using voice and immediate payments using e-Wallets, without having to move a hand. Shopping TV and Rogo are only two among many spectacular applications integrated in FPT Play Box+ 2020. Others features include: unlimited Karaoke, wireless screencasting from iPhone via Airplay, optimal gaming experience from Gameloft… together bringing a diverse and completed experience to users. “FPT is always updating its AI system for the most natural customer interactions. This is an experience never seen before in Vietnam, and one which we want to bring to our customers,” said Mr. Le Trong Duc, Head of Product, FPT Play Box.

In midst of the constant growth of OTT and higher life quality standards, the race between telecommunication firms are becoming more competitive than ever. Multimedia and optimized experiences are thus much more favored by consumers. Therefore, FPT Telecom will not grow “satisfied” with Hi FPT, FPT iHome, or FPT Play Box+ 2020, but rather the Vietnamese market will expect more modern products and more diverse experiences in the near future.

After Hi FPT, the FPT Telecom ecosystem has received continued support for its smart theft prevention product FPT iHome. Priced at 299,000 VND, the product has recorded a total of over 1,000 sales in only 2 months from its introduction in November 2019.

As a high-tech product for home security and safety, FPT iHome has a user-friendly interface that is suitable for users of all ages, even elderly. The product is highly-praised, especially by families with small children, who often forget to lock as they leave home. In such situations, the device will automatically issue sound alarms, as well as send notifications and sounds to mobile devices registered with supervision access. FPT iHome will thus improve proactivity for users in cases of intrusion or changes of door status from in or outside their houses.

With its small design, the main component of the sensor include a signal receptor, light alarm, four physical buttons for password settings, and a fast lock button. The iHome product can also be connected to indoor Wi-Fi, and is independent from required ecosystems lijke Smart Home. Users can flexibly manage the product in-app, on both Android and iOS devices.

After 8 months of accompanying users, FPT iHome is establishing itself as a devoted “protector” and becoming a necessary solution for many Vietnamese households, especially during Smart-home’s currently rising popularity.

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