As the sole representative from FPT Telecom to present at Security World 2020, Mr. Tran Xuan Hau (ISC) had introduced a Big Data solution for user security and privacy after 2 years of research and development.

On the morning of April 28, IDG Vietnam had collaborated with the CEO/CIO club to host a Security World, an online conference on privacy and security, under the topic of “Orientation and Technological Solutions on Data Security in the Digital Age”. The conference had welcomed various experts, CIOs, and CSOs from large businesses in Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and many esteemed domestic as well as foreign speakers. FPT Telecom’s representative – Mr. Tran Xuan Hau, had participated with the topic “The Solution of BigData to Protect Internet Users from Malicious Websites”, receiving quite the attention.

To protect customers and systems from being infected with malware while browsing the net, FPT Telecom had started “The Solution of BigData to Protect Internet Users from Malicious Websites” since 2019, with Mr. Tran Xuan Hau (ISC) as the project leader. After 2 years of research, Mr. Hau had finished and published two separate papers on two international journals, particularly “IEEE BigData 2017, USA – [DNS graph mining for malicious domain detection]” and “Intelligent Computing 2019, London, UK – [Multi-Confirmations and DNS Graph Mining for Malicious Domain Detection]”. By constantly improving and developing more algorithms for integration with those in the first paper, he had finally reached a more effective domain detection solution, with high accuracy.

At the conference, Mr. Hau shared that, with this new malicious domain detection solution, we can identify around 20,000 malicious websites out of 10 million domains browsed by FPT users every day. With these large quantities of domains, in addition to those already detected, Hau’s team can have more basis to analyze and detect customer devices infected with viruses.

Customers will receive direct notifications of their statues via the Hi FPT application or via SMS. They will then know of whether their devices are infected, as well as receive corresponding instructions. Should the customers cannot redeem the situation on their own, then with just a few clicks on Hi FPT, they can notify FPT Telecom’s customer service for support.

The solution also includes various advantages of: flexible scalability and applicability to detect different malicious domains, 97.6% accuracy, easy access, acceptable processing time. It can also find multiple malicious domains from just a small data set of base domains.

At the moment, the solution is being deployed effectively at FPT Telecom, and may be applied flexibly at various organizations and businesses.

Under the influence of the COVID-19 outbreak, demands from work-from-home and comprehensive digital transformation of digital platforms and Internet platforms in organizations, businesses, and financial and political foundations had skyrocketed. This had also led to rising risks in information safety and security of individuals and organizations alike, as well as in cyberattacks that aims at Operational Technology of businesses and organizations.

Acknowledging the aforementioned situations, this year’s conference had focused on topics of information safety and security for businesses and organizations. The event welcomed famous domestic and international speakers to address immediate solutions, that may assist with the protection of data and operational technology, especially when digital transformation had become a necessity due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: FPT Telecom

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