The more one travels and experiences, the clearer one’s vision becomes. Along with the fourth industrial revolution and the paradigm shift it brings comes the opportunity of technological transformation for Vietnam.  Can the country shake off its current limitations of a developing economy and become a global technology pioneer?

The opportunity to prove ourselves

Starting almost from scratch in the early 1990s, Vietnam has managed to develop extensive IT and telecommunications infrastructure covering the whole country. Its GDP per capita has increased from $100 in 1989 to $2400 in 2017, thanks in no small part to technological advances.

Vietnam has seen dramatic changes over the past 30 years and so has FPT.

The global digital transformation will fundamentally change the way we live, work and interact. For technology companies like FPT, this is simultaneously a golden opportunity and a fight for survival, and FPT will have to be at the center of this transformation.

At this critical juncture, FPT needs to reshape itself into a global digital technology company, with completely new perspectives on its core values and businesses. This pioneering mission, in which technology is key, will put FPT in competition with the biggest technology giants around the world. To overcome this challenge, each individual at FPT needs to be a pioneer, always ready to tread new ground.

Success or failure is determined by two factors: speed and strategy. FPT has many advantages to start with:

  • We have built a major part of the Vietnamese IT and telecommunication infrastructure, and are present in 33 countries across five continents: America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
  • We are recognized as a top-tier partner of market leaders in many industries such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, General Electric, Siemens, Dupont, Airbus etc.
  • We have invested in anticipation of future trends in core technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Smart Manufacturing etc.
  • We are the beneficiary of a young, hungry and studious population.

FPT thus has the potential to forge ahead in the upcoming digital race, provided we have the presence of mind to address the obstacles in our path. For instance, not all of us at FPT truly believe in our pioneering mission despite all the talk. Self-doubt and negativity manifest themselves here and there, and it is particularly damaging when such sentiments exist among management. Building aspirations, a strong belief in the mission and true competitiveness of the workforce is the solution to long-term growth for FPT in particular and the technology sector in general.

We need to actively create and seize opportunities to tackle world-class problems, but building a quality workforce with real expertise is a critical issue. Shortage of talent will leave us unable to speed up growth or implement strategies.

Speed is only achievable with talent, and strategy is only realizable by talent.”

Who will we be?

The top priority for FPT in the coming years is to advance its core technologies to be competitive with global technology leaders, thus establishing itself as a top-tier technology corporation. We desire to become Software tier-1 in automotive industry, a pioneer to operate smart factory and solutions such as Transportation 4.0, Healthcare 4.0, Government 4.0, Finance 4.0 to be widely applied in many countries all over the world, and FPT’s digital platform will be universalized.

To enterprise clients and partners, FPT will become a provider of digital platforms such as Open FPT or FPT.AI, as well as a partner in the development of cutting-edge products and the creation of new technologies. To the community, FPT will bring high-tech services, revolutionizing their experiences. The people of FPT will realize their potential to the fullest and be armed with the latest know-how to carry out their mission. FPT will complete its transformation from a service provider an intellectual property enterprise, a fully global digital corporation. In that position, FPT will be a worthy representative for the country and the new era, the vanguard bearing the image of Vietnam into the digital world.

                               About the author:

Truong Gia Binh – Chairman, FPT Corporation


Mr. Binh graduated from Moscow National General University, successfully obtained his PhD. in 1982 and was honored as an Associate Professor by the State of Vietnam in 1991. In 1988, Truong Gia Binh was one of the co-founders of the Food Technology Company FPT, the precursor of FPT Corporation. Besides, he was the Dean of Business Administration Department of Hanoi School of Business, Hanoi National University (1995 – 2013), and the Chairman of Vietnam Young Enterprises Organization (1998 – 2005). Currently, he is the Chairman of FPT Corporation and the Chairman of Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA).

(Published on the FPT Technology Magazine, FPT TechInsight No.2)

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