The ASEAN Smart Cities Summit & Expo 2020 (ASCN 2020) was recently hosted in Hanoi on October 22 and 23.

At the expo, FPT Corporation had once again established its lead in Vietnam’s digital transformation realm. Such a feat was accomplished via the firm’s comprehensive approach that integrates urban digital transformation in the building of sustainable smart cities. FPT also shared its many years of experience in building IT infrastructures for the government, ministries and departments, as well as brought its comprehensive Smart City development solutions.

The ASEAN Smart Cities Summit & Expo 2020 is co-organized by the Centre Economic Commission and the Ministry of Construction, carrying the theme of “Smart Cities – Towards community, identity and sustainable development for a cohesive and responsive ASEAN”. This year’s summit is hosted both online and offline, with the aim to exchange ideas, experiences, and encourage cooperation between Vietnamese cities with others in ASEAN. Among many events is a high-level forum about smart city development, led by Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc visited FPT’s exhibition at ASEAN Smart Cities Summit & Expo 2020.

The conference on urbanization and smart city development strategies included an exposition for the sharing of tech and creative innovations, and had attracted over 1,500 attendees, including 500 domestic and foreign representatives (among those are 50 senior representatives for ASEAN nations, 60 guest speakers with expertise in urbanization, and over 35 world-leading solution providers).

The Chairman of FPT, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, along with higher-up officials in the government, ministries, departments, and large enterprises, had joined the summit’s high-level forum on “Creating foundation for successful smart city development”. The FPT representative also joined two conference sessions on “Smart Urban Planning & Management in the Urbanization and Urban Development Strategy” and “Smart Transportation in the Urbanization and Urban Development Strategy”. There will also be a key report on “Disruptive trends transforming urban mobility” by FPT.

Many nations are going through disruptive transformations to become “digital economies and societies”, as prompted by the many digital developments, so as to improve the efficiency of management, business development, and life of their citizens. The same can be said for local communities, and the current maddening pace of urbanization may result in 70% of the total population residing in cities by 2050. The building of smart cities and urban digital transformation trends can thus be deemed essential.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of FPT, affirmed: “Smart cities are our country’s only smart solution for socio-economic development. With smart cities, businesses will have a convenient environment for digital transformation and sustainable development; the government can enable efficient management; and citizens will receive the best working and living environment. Nobody is going to be left out, and this inclusive nature is what makes smart cities the socially comprehensive opportunity for everyone.”

FPT showcased its 4 solution packages in e-Government, Digital Healthcare, Smart Transportation, and Security at ASEAN Smart Cities Summit & Expo 2020.

FPT leadership also believed that the building and deployment of Urban Digital Transformation and Smart City programs must not find its foundation in urban planning, but rather in social-economic development strategies, which includes the 4 key aspects of: Strategic Planning,  Institutional Structure Building, Regulations, and most importantly Tech Platform Development.

What is needed is a digital platform with a core, interconnected, and real time open-source structure, to play as the operational center and analysis tool for the strategic planning of Urban Digital Transformation and the building of Sustainable Smart Cities. Along with the government and other authorities, private companies, communities, start-ups, and civilians can contribute via data collection and application of Smart City solutions to create further communal services and added values.

Mr. Phan Thanh Son (middle) expressing his opinions on building smart cities. Photo: Chungta.

Since 25 years ago, FPT – together with authorities, departments, and other businesses – had pioneered in applying and building IT solutions in different urban sectors like infrastructure, Internet, education – training, healthcare, management, and so on. Moreover, during the last 10 years, FPT had assisted local authorities (like those of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi City, Quang Ninh province, Ha Long City, Binh Dinh province…) in Urban Digital Transformation and Building Smart Cities. Currently, the firm is partner to many smart urban areas in building and operating hi-tech and education services.

FPT digital solutions mostly focus on Smart Transportation, Smart Energy, e-Government, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, and Data Integration systems. Many of the firm’s project had been deployed, bringing convenience to millions of citizens.

A notable mention is the data integration and sharing platform for HCM LGSP, recently deployed by FPT and announced by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City last July. The system had since been regarded as a foundational component to the city’s e-Government Structure, and the moment had been connected to 22 units and systems, attracting almost 200,000 contracts and successfully integrating 6,260GB of the city data. 12 million users had since been verified and identified, and authorities now only need one human supervisor for the platform, and just a little over an hour to generate reports instead of over 4 days for each GB of data.

Quang Ninh province – the pioneer of e-Government in Vietnam, had utilized the FPT.eGov 4.0 solution to deploy its infrastructural platform. With FPT.eGov 4.0, Quang Ninh had successfully managed its e-Government database, created a connected working environment for governmental officials, and built a modern Public Administration Center. The platform had reduced 40% of commuting time for citizens, and 30 billion VND of cost in the provincial budget. The province’s representative also stated that, in the ASOCIO 2018 forum hosted in Japan, Quang Ninh – with its e-Government system deployed by FPT, had been the only Vietnamese representative to be honored in the e-Government sector.

During ASCN 2020, FPT had showcased 4 solution packages in e-Government, Digital Healthcare, Smart Transportation, and Security. Notable products include: the e-Government solution FPT.eGov 4.0, the data integration and processing platform FPT.Fortuna, the smart medical records management system FPT.EMR, the electronic medical record FPT CaresBook, the integrated smart transportation system FPT.STIS, and the smart bus management and operation system FPT.iBUS.

With its tech capabilities, ecosystem of comprehensives solutions, products, and services, along with a wide partner network including leading smart city firms, FPT will be a constant company of Vietnam in its journey to smart cities at all scales.

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