Participants heard, looked and touched technologies from the past to the future at the event of FPT Techday for 30 years of Group’s establishment.

With the number of visitors exceeding far 4,000 registered people, the 30th anniversary of the establishment and the technology festival, FPT Techday in 2018 impresses right from the entrance to colorful experiencing activities of the 4.0 technology inside.

Held annually since 2013, Techday is a technology festival day with the largest scale, and the emergence of the latest technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data.

FPT representative introduced the achievements of the Group in 30 years of operation.

With the theme of The AI city in your sight, attendees will become time travelers to board the ship, departing from the “Past” Station to return to the early days of establishment, looking back on FPT’s 30-year pioneering journey. As for the “Present” Station, it brings the experience of 4.0 revolutionary waves with the latest technology products and services in FPT ecosystem such as EdTech platform – modern education, electronic journalism, e-government – public service. The “Future” Station shares with viewers the orientations of the Group in bringing new technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT into all areas such as transportation, health, and digital government.

The guests and FPT leaders stood to salute the flag at the ceremony to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of FPT Group.

Earlier, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Group took place solemnly, with the participation of many guests such as Mr. Le Kha Phieu – former General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung – Acting Minister of Information and Communications, Ms. Vu Thi Mai – Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Khuat Viet Hung – Vice Chairman of National Traffic Safety Committee, Mr. Dang Huy Hau – Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee.

FPT Chairman, Truong Gia Binh (left) presented the picture to former General Secretary, Le Kha Phieu.

Talking with attendees on the sidelines of the event, former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu agreed that the anniversary and Techday festival showed the spirit of FPT as a pioneer generation with the same era.

He recalled: “When I attended the FPT anniversary 20 years ago, I agreed, encouraged FPT’s direction and predicted that they would be the leaders and pioneers in science, technology, and FPT is now much stronger.”

FPT 30-year trailblazing pioneer

Appearing on a virtual screen to start the anniversary, FPT Chairman, Truong Gia Binh and Chief Executive Officer, Bui Quang Ngoc once again emphasized the spirit that FPT’s people has been consistent for 30 years: “We used to go when there was no road, but keep going and no road will become a road, then you will come”.

Chief Executive Officer said that FPT was proud to be the leader in technology, creating the Internet in Vietnam. FPT contributes to making Vietnam become one of the countries with advanced technology infrastructure, pioneering to bring Vietnamese intelligence to the world. Up to now, the Group has been present in 33 countries with a lot of achievements in software export, contributing to the release of VnExpress e-newspaper, bringing diversified and identifiable information to readers, creating the habit of reading newspapers for Vietnamese people. FPT also pioneered educational innovations, training more than 70,000 students and technology programmers.

Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc – Chief Executive Officer of FPT Corporation.

Awarding FPT Corporation the emulation flag of the government, Acting Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung said: “FPT’s 30 years is also the country’s 30 years of renovation. Vietnam set a target that about by 2045, when the country was established 100 years ago, Vietnam will be a developed country, and a new aspiration of the country will rebuild FPT; FPT will also accompany the country on the way of development ”.

In a brief but very inspirational speech, the Acting Minister also emphasized, “FPT’s 30 years is also the country’s 30 years of renovation. Vietnam set a target that about by 2045, when the country was established 100 years ago, Vietnam will be a developed country, and a new aspiration of the country will rebuild FPT; FPT will also accompany the country on the way of development ”.

Artificial intelligence is the ultimate weapon in the age of the 4.0 technology

The importance of Artificial Intelligence technology continues to be strengthened by Mr. Janos Barberis – Founder and CEO of Fintech SuperCharger, Asia’s leading fintech accelerator. During 30 minutes of presentation, Mr. Barberis went into the great impacts that AI technology can bring to the field of Fintech.

Mr. Janos Barberis shared the application of Artificial Intelligence.

Stemming from the fact that AI is one of the technology sectors which are spent the most money in the past three years, Barberis identified that: “AI will change many Fintech industries in the future”. If using AI technology, financial companies will only take more than a minute to process all information as well as find out unusual transactions. While not using AI, it can take up to 3 weeks. AI is very simple, and makes everything faster, stronger and more significantly cost-saving, said Mr. Janos Barberis.

In favor of this view, but in the field of E-Commerce, Mr. Steve Shirkey – Chief Architect of Amazon Web Services also said that AI would help to improve the customer experience. As a participant in the process of applying technology into the operation of Amazon since 1997, Mr. Shirkey said, the world’s largest e-commerce company had applied the machine learning system, suggesting millions of products for users, or robotic systems that help to save money and time.

Steve Shirkey – Chief Architect of Amazon Web Services.

He praised the achievement of FPT’s voice recognition device and said that this was also the area where Amazon would focus on research and development in the future.

FPT pioneered in the 4.0 technology revolution

In the presentation to more than 700 audiences, FPT Technology Director – Mr. Le Hong Viet emphasized that the group was focusing on developing a series of new technologies such as Bigdata, AI, Blockchain for the extensive application in society as well as activities of businesses. This is a step in accordance with the trend, stemming from the fact that 70% of businesses want to improve the sales process, 65% want to improve the customer service and 50% desire to improve the user experience.

Mr. Le Hong Viet, FPT Technology Director.

Technology Director of FPT Corporation impressed all new guests with the launch of three technology solutions for businesses to follow the step of the 4.0 era, including FPT.AI – comprehensive AI platform, Voice Remote – voice control device, and akaRPA – system for automating processes and business.

In particular, FPT.AI, after one year of launching, has received 7.5 million requests with more than 2,000 hours of voice used and been applied on over 1000 chatbots.

AkaRPA is also a remarkable solution for businesses that help automate repetitive and systematic actions such as processing/storing data, periodic reports, creating mass emails, extracting email contents, processing unstructured data, etc. The solution is expected to help reduce personnel and operating costs, thereby improving the labor productivity.

Contrary to the above two solutions, Voice Remote is directed to the entertainment field, when it is integrated into the FPT Play Box, the watching TV device on the Internet. Products applied smart technologies developed by FPT, can recognize English and Vietnamese through Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, helping users to control devices more easily through voice commands.

Talking more about new technologies, but do not making the audience feel overwhelmed and difficult to understand, right on the stage, the leading architect of many technological achievements of FPT directly “went shopping online”.

An interesting conversation with a smart purchasing assistant applied AI technology was done and after only 3 minutes, almost without using the keyboard, Mr. Le Hong Viet successfully ordered an FPT Play Box shipped to home.

From the story of FPT Play Box – Vietnam’s first TV remote control with voice, more interesting stories about FPT’s achievements continue to be told such as voice recognition technology, virtual assistant technology.

Not only applying technology in life utilities, but technology representative also said artificial intelligence technology would be applied extensively in building a smart city with a vision of “The AI City”, in the field of e-government, health, and education with virtual assistants – chatbots.

AI application is the subject that many audiences were interested in and asked many questions about.

While speakers from both FPT and the world take turns presenting in the auditorium, outside the door, Marriott hotel’s lobby (Hanoi) is still full of guests from FPT members, the technology community and students who come to experience the technology.

The visitors lined up to visit FPT’s Future Room.

Here, FPT displayed many different booths, from an educational technology booth, an e-Hospital smart hospital booth to the smart transportation. Many places attract hundreds of people to visit, and there are always long lines at the door like Future rooms. Here, the participants have the opportunity to experience the virtual reality room, reflecting FPT’s vision of a city in the future, applying new technologies developed by FPT.

According to VnExpress

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