FPT Technology Innovation (FTI) cooperated with FPT Corporate University (FCU) to organize a training course 2018 on Internet of Things for FPTers.

The special course is for FPTers who have 2-year experience of programming and plan to do IoT projects.

The course will be held on every  Friday and Saturday, from March 9 – April 27, 2018, at the training room arranged by organizing the committee. Lecturers are Mr. Le Ngoc Tuan – IoT Manager, FPT Technology Department and other IoT experts at FPT IS, FPT Software, and FPT Telecom. Course’s content focuses on the areas of technology: IoT Client, IoT Cloud, IoT Gateway, IoT Project, AL Chatbot for IoT.

After joining this course, you will be able to make a basic IoT application through open source platforms, Amazon’s IoT platform, and build an Intelligent Speech Control Skill through Alexa’s device of Amazon. Each participant will be required to complete an IoT project to complete the course.

To join the course, participants will send their registration information to [email protected] by the template before 12h00 Thursday, February 27, 2018, and complete the formed  CV to submit the registration for the trainers ( In CV, trainees need to fill in detailed information in section 5 & 6 for FPT Technology Innovation Department to approve attendance list, the participants without CV will not be acceptable)

In addition, participants will pay a commitment fee of 500,000 VND for the course. Commitment fees will be refunded if the student receives a certificate of completion of the program and adheres to the Rules of the class.

Template List:

NO ID Full name Company Department Position Level Date of birth Date of joining in FPT Email Mobile

References: 6 IOT projects from Students of Previous courses

  1. Intelligent Agricultural CP.
  2. Coalition: Motorcycle positioning device.
  3. Smart home: Alexa controls the device by voice.
  4. Group 6: Smart doorbell.
  5. Higio Group: Turns the camera into a smart cam. Gateway design of connecting data and storing video on higio.
  6. SmartBot: Smart parking

Thao Nguyen

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