FPT Technology Innovation (FTI) cooperated with FPT Corporate University (FCU) to organize a training course 2018 on Solution Architect 1- SA1 in Hanoi for FPT.

This is a training course specifically for FPT software architects, who are responsible for designing and building solutions for product requirements. To attend the course, FPT staffs need have at least 3-4 year experience in software development (Dev 3, Dev 4, SA 1), or participate in at least one or two projects as a role of architectural design/system.

The course is due to take place on Friday and Saturday from March to April 2018 at FPT Building, 17 Duy Tan, Hanoi with a total expected time of 71.5 hours. Lecturers who are directly involved in teaching are FPT’s senior technology experts in the field of Solution Architect.

Main topics:

  • Beginning of architect (14h)
  • Software Architect Architect (7h)
  • Architecture Patterns (14h)
  • Requirement Analysis (3.5h)
  • Big Data (7h)
  • Application Development Methodologies (7h)
  • Enterprise Application Infrastructure Architecture (10.5h)

Participate in the course, FPTers will be sponsored the cost of SA (CITA-F, CITA-A,…) examination after completing the course and cost of studying SA online course with the international standard if satisfactory.

To join in the course, participants need:

  • Complete the CV following the attached file to send the registration form to the trainers.
  • Attach the CV (attached form) of the students with the registration list (Save the CV file as follow: Unit_Account name).
  • Pay a commitment fee of 500,000 VND to attend the course. Commitment fees will be refunded if the student receives the Certificate of Completion of the Solution Architect 1 Curriculum in 2018 and adheres to the Rules of Conduct.
  • Send the registration list (by template) to [email protected] prior to 12h00 Friday on February 09, 2018


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Nam Phong

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