The Online University FUNiX (a member of FPT Education), had recently introduced the Automotive Programming subject for Phu Xuan University’s students as part of the cooperation program between the two schools. The subject amount to 45 hours, equivalent to 3 school credits, and shall provide learns with basic to advanced programming knowledges for Android.

Automotive Programming is a part of Certificate 2 – FUNiX’s Certificate for Mobile App Programmers. Upon finishing the subject, students will obtain a robust base for Android programming, in-depth knowledges, as well as programming tricks in real Android app development. They will also be adequately equipped for researching of advanced Android programming tricks.

The subject includes 5 parts, with the following 4 goals:

  • Familiarize students with mobile programming on the Android platform.
  • Help students understand basic knowledge for further research and self-education on advanced Android knowledges.
  • Students can build applications using basic Android components.
  • Students can build Android applications that can interact with Google services.

According to Mr. Tran Ngoc Ha from the FUNiX Curriculum Development Department, each version of the subject will be altered to suit different requirements of different partners. Likewise, this version for Phu Xuan University will be catered to fit the curricula there, with the number of required assignments being reduced from 4 to 3, and points being equally weighted between the final exam and the entire studying process (originally 25/75). Despite being shortened, however, the subject will still ensure adequate knowledges as well as output factors for students.

The online university FUNiX and Phu Xuan University became strategic partners early this year. Since then, FUNiX had brought some of its available courses to Phu Xuan University as substitute subjects, as well as opened additional training programs for the school. Until now, there have been three new subjects deployed, including: Ho Chi Minh Ideology, Principles of Marxist and Lennist, Entrepreneurship and Automotive Programming.

FUNiX has partnered with Phu Xuan University since February 2020.

Since 2019, FUNiX has been expanding its strategic partnerships in training with educational institutes both in and outside the country. The online teaching method FUNiX Way developed by the school, has since been applied in various exchange and partnered programs, and students of those courses will learn online under the guidance of IT experts as mentors. There will also be “Hannahs” along their learning journeys, who will encourage, motivate, and directly assist students for the best learning results.

Beside Phu Xuan University, FUNiX also partners, cooperates in online learning deployment, and exchanges experiences with other institutes like: Vietnam National University, Lac Hong University, HUTECH, FPT University, Social Sciences University (Singapore), VNPT Training Center, Thang Long University, Dong Nai Technology University, and so on.

FUNiX is an online learning program in the FPT Education system, which provides courses from basic like “Introduction about IoT”, “Digital citizen”… to advanced IT courses like “Blockchain”, “Automotive Programming”… The IT bachelor degree from FUNiX is issued by FPT University, and approved by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training. According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, the founder of FUNiX: “As IT is strongly growing and becoming a vital tool in basically every task, everyone should equip themselves with IT knowledge.”

FUNiX Way is a comprehensive solution for self-study on the Internet, through which learners can effectively exploit copious knowledges and tech communities. “FUNiX is the first university in Vietnam to apply this new teaching method, where students need not come to school, buy text books, or even have teachers. Each student can decide for themselves what and where to learn – suitable for their circumstances.”

Utilizing modern technologies and motivation management models, FUNiX shall help learners quickly build and maintain their online learning abilities. In particular, they will be confident and skilled in the digital environment, able to make money from their learning, or utilize those to perform better. Students will also improve their skills, gain opportunities to work in professional crews, and participate in relevant communities as responsible members.

Mai Chi

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