FUNiX, a member of FPT Education, is the first online university in Vietnam with a special method called FUNiX Way. At FUNiX, students become great self-learner who can effectively make use of the vast knowledge source and connected professional communities.

1. 86-year-old xTer: “You are never too old to learn”

Thirty years ago, Tran Nhat Thu wanted to learn IT once teaching Math at the Department of Informatics, Open University, Ho Chi Minh city, but he hesitated because he thought it was too late for that. And now, at the age of 86, he has taught himself foreign language, music, I Ching or The Book of Changes and logicality. “I have already learned everything I like,” he said, “The only thing left is IT, so I give it a try.”

Tran Nhat Thu accesses the Internet on his computer.

FUNiX is not his first destination. The first teacher is his 8-year-old grandson. He learned how to turn off, turn on the computer, search information on the internet from his grandson. He also went to the computer center, but he was left behind because of his visual impairments, limitations hearing and motor skills. Such tools as Dreamweaver or Online programming provide non-systematic knowledge. Furthermore, it takes a week or even a month for him to think of a difficult problem.

Therefore, he considered FUNiX to be an ideal destination in his self-learn journey. He can follow a study roadmap and get support from Hannah Anh Nguyet and other Mentors immediately rather than struggling himself.

Tran Nhat Thu shared his ideas of applying what he has learned to real life, such as developing an HR management app for the Ward People’s Committee or opening free IT classes. Moreover, he’s really into artificial intelligence. “There is nothing happier than living another 5-10 years and finishing university, master’s degree, or even doctorate”, added he.

2. 12-year-old xTer knows 8 programming languages

12-year-old boy Tran Trong Nghia likes cycling, doing exercise and listening to music in his leisure time. However, when sitting in front of the computer screen, it is another Nghia. His hands glide over the keyboard solving programming problems and writing code, making him stack in contrast with most other youngsters. Nghia can make many veteran programmers believe that he is a potential IT student.

Tran Trong Nghia – 12-year-old boy surprised everyone about his programming skills.

Mr. Tran Trong Dai, his father, said Nghia could use TV, DVD player and smartphone since he was 4-5 years old. When he was 6 years old, Nghia showed a great interest in computer after his father introduced it to him. At the fourth grade, he could install Microsoft Windows, fix bugs and customize the installation on his father’s computer.

His ability surprised his father. Nghia solely used the keyboard and typed very long commands correctly to handle the problems. Therefore, his father let Nghia learn programming, and as expected, Nghia acquired essential techniques and basic programming languages quickly.

Sharing his interest in computer, Tran Trong Nghia said he is fascinated about computer operations, and he loves talking to Google virtual assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana.

”Installing features on computers and phones kept enticing me. Once I lost my father’s hard drive data, I tried to recover the data but the lost data was just recovered partially. In summer, at the end of 4th grade, I started learning to write ”Hello World!”, a simple Java program. I find that learning programming takes a lot of effort and knowledge, the more I learn, the less I know”, Nghia said.

Nghia often learns programming on Youtube and such websites as Codelearn, Medium, Facebook or StackOverFlow. Until now, Nghia has learned the basics, for example C#, C++, C, Java, Python, SQL, Cloud and JS on Codelearn. In 2019, Nghia won the First Prize of the 2019 AppJamming Summit for ages 8-19 for his Android-powered voice app that was highly appreciated by the judges.

Nghia enjoys learning on FUNiX because the course content covers various fields, lectures, exercises and assignment, and especially, has the feature to track his progress. During the learning process, Nghia has been supported by Hannah and Mentor when he wanted to ask questions and explanations. Nghia hopes that FUNiX will help him to revamp his knowledge, improve programming skills and become a programmer writing useful applications for the benefit of society.

3. “X-Men” got a scholarship for completing the course 20 weeks earlier

Working in the aviation industry, Le Hong Quan considers IT as a tool to support his work. In a month after enrolling, Quan won the highest scholarship from FUNiX for successfully completing Certificate 1 – Digital citizen.

“Each individual selects a unique study strategy that is appropriate for him. For me, after a few weeks, I learned how to maximize time and improve my learning efficiency. Before starting a subject, I often looked closely at the table of contents to learn about its content, order and knowledge that the subject covers and check what I know and don’t. I often did the assignments, reviewed and sent them to get the review as soon as possible. After that, I moved to Lab and tried to garner as much as knowledge as I could”, said Quan.

Le Hong Quan shares his online learning strategy to win scholarship.

Therefore, Quan rarely missed any assignments or wasted his learning time. In the exam review, he often participated the Q&A session with Mentor to ask questions and review knowledge. His “tip” for exam preparation is reviewing every assignment, Lab and review from mentor carefully before taking the exam. “There are 7 days a week, I usually created a study plan from Monday to take control of learning time and exam schedule”, Quan added.

After getting the Certificate 1, Quan’s inherent knowledge has been systematically standardized. He also had the opportunities to expose to various tools and know how to use them properly. Having worked on websites and software programming, such as aerial refueling operations, on his own, Quan finds it easier to learn programming thanks to the course of FUNiX.

Besides the satisfaction with the training program, learning materials and Mentor, Le Hong Quan is also impressed by the enthusiasm and devotion of Hannah team. He is grateful for the 24/7 support from Hannah while he struggled with difficulties.

Hannah Kieu Oanh, who accompanied Le Hong Quan in the learning process at FUNiX, said that Quan is a very proactive and self-disciplined learner. He also has made several contributions to FUNiX during the course.

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