Taking place on January 22nd   in GEM Center, HCM city, Global Technology Conference hosted by FPT Software will gather high-level leaders, top technology experts, key members from FSU/OB, especially the presence of delegates, representatives from our large partners.

Global Technology Conference 2018 (GTC) is an expected event and an occasion when FPT Software’s leading technology experts gather. All in good time, this year the event will take place on 22/01/2018 at the GEM Center Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. Beside technology orientations for 2018, a variety of 2017 outstanding products will also be shown.

All of the participants together will review FPT Software’s technology achievements in 2017, namely Digital Transformation, AI, Automotive, Fintech, etc.

The conference will be the bridge among leading board and technology experts to together draw up technology plan and key technology orientations in 2018. This year, units put heightened expectation toward keywords such as Smart Factory Platform, Digital Platform, Ecosystem, IoV v.voths divided by domains.

In addition to the open discussion, there will be demo booths divided by technology domains.

Unlike the year of 2017, all special products this year will be demonstrated live right on stage. This is regarded as a uniqueness of this year’s event. The solutions regarding chatbot, AI, Autonomous Driving and many others will be presented on GTC 2018.

More importantly, VIP guests, who are major partners of FPT Software, will give speeches at the event.  Finally, technological awards will be announced to units and individuals who achieved significant milestones in 2017.

Global Technology Conference, brought to you by FPT Software, is held for the purpose of organizing a meeting for leaders, technological experts as well as tech lovers to exchange technological ideas and trends existing around the World. This is also the occasion where we can look back at technological achievements of FPT Software and develop new technology strategies and directions for the upcoming years.


Global Technology Conference held on January 11th, 2017 in Novotel Hotel, Da Nang last year attracted the participation of 80 guests, including executives, technology experts, key members of FSUs and OBs, especially representatives from Amazon Web Services (AWS).


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