The Go!Bus application, built using the Public Transport Control and Management system – FPT.iBus’s platform and data, is a project of collaboration from FPT.IS, Grab Corporation, and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Transport. Users can now download the app on both Android and iOS.

Under the motto of “Bringing bus stops to your home”, Go!Bus is built using the latest technological platform, with the aim to “focus on citizens and customers of public transports”, and shall soon provide people with the best experiences and most accurate information.

Go!Bus is also the first software in Vietnam to integrate buses (and in the future, other public transports like undergrounds, BRTs, WaterBuses) with Grab services (GrabBike, GrabCar).

The app provides information guaranteed by the HCMC Department of Transport, along with superior, multi-channel functions, which can offer detailed itineraries in the most convenient and advanced ways. Particulary, the app can:

Provide quick information on bus routes, allowing users to search for information on the city’s bus network, including: maps, itineraries, working hours, bus fees…

Predict times of arrival at specific stops, and via personalized functions, provide information on itineraries, bus routes, stops, alternate itineraries, as well as issue reminders, set and share locations with other parties.

Allow customization and sync of frequently used bus routes and stops, favorite locations – all for personalized experiences for users. Route search results will also be constantly updated and optimized in real-time, making public transport travelling “smarter” through time.

Report to Help Center, where customers can get instructions on how to comment or report problems directly in the chat screen. The information will then be sent to the Help Center for immediate responses.

Perform Grab-integrated route-searching, where users can find their way using the city’s public transports. Their journey will be optimized in cost, time of travel, walking distance… For example, if the customer wants to go from A to B by bus, Go!Bus will display information on relevant bus routes along with Grab rides, should the walking distances from their starting locations to the nearest bus stops (or from the bus stops to their destinations) surpass 200 meters. Then, customers can decide whether traveling by bus or by Grab is more suitable for their current needs. Such an integration fits tightly with HCMC’s urban features, with myriads of deep and narrow turns, and will be extremely convenient for customers who want to travel using public transports.

The app can also provide public transport information that can assist authorities in improving traffic management, delegation, and quality across the city, making it more convenient for bus travelers. This will attract HCM citizens to travel by bus, thus reduce the number of personal vehicles, and along with it, traffic jams, throughout the city.

According to a representative from FPT.IS, Go!Bus is developed from advanced, user-friendly, and convenient technologies. However, we will need time before citizen change their current bus-hopping habits, and grow familiar with the app.

Go!Bus has seen positive results within a week of release, with over 8,000 downloads in just 3 days, and over 32,000 users on both Android and iOS. Downloads are also still increasing daily at around 20%.

With its many technological applications in helpful and quality applications for the society, FPT is once again showing not only the company’s prowess in technology, recognized both in and outside of Vietnam, but also the importance and practicability of those in improving our life quality.

Thao Chi

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