In midst of the digital revolution, a comprehensive business management solution maybe the key to Habeco’s more stable foundation and competitive power.

On May 24, FPT Information System (FPT IS) had launched a project called “Deploying comprehensive business management solutions using SAP ERP” at the Hanoi Beer, Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corp (Habeco).

In its announcement, FPT IS is to deploy a SAP S/4HANA System for Habeco in 9 months, in the fields of: financial accounting, management accounting, purchasing management, stock management, merging of financial reports,… Tasks such as pricing, sales and orders from distributors managements, and packaging management will be customized according to Habeco’s business characteristics,

The system is expected to help Habeco in standardizing and automatizing their management process and operations, as well as accurately control the comprehensive statistics along all procedures with low cost and high efficiency.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh – CEO of FPT assured of his confidence in the eventual success of Habeco’s digital transformation and FPT’s partnership with them.

As one leading beer producer of Vietnam with a history of 130 years, Habeco hoped that its use of ERP will greatly assist the company’s new management model, as well as will modernize technology-based management task, all for the full preparation for the 4th industrial revolution.

According to the CEO of Habeco, Mr. Tran Dinh Thanh, the project is deployed in the middle of high tension between the company and its strong competitors. Re-structure brought forth by the project is thus crucial to the development of Habeco.

“Our company is determined to build and start this ERP project for the eventual integration of Habeco in this digital era, as well as establish our reputation on the market”, said Mr. Thanh.

The company’s management board holds the partnership in high regards, as it laid the first steps to more stable management and operation systems for Habeco, as well as increase its power in the race to digitalization. If succeed, the ERP system will be the key for the company’s development in the age of digital transformation.

The management boards of Habeco, FPT IS, and SAP Vietnam committing to a successful, efficient, and on-schedule deployment of the project.

At the event, Mr. Truong Gia Binh, the chairman of FPT’s management board had emphasized Habeco’s long history and numerous values. He believed that Habeco’s decision to invest in an ERP system had spoken volumes of the company’s effort to grow even stronger in the digital era.

“With 30 years of experience in building information systems for various crucial fields, FPT will be sure to make Habeco’s system a success. We also hope for a long-lasting partnership with Habeco along its way to digital transformation”, Mr. Binh emphasized.

According to the FPT representative, ERP applications as a start to digital transformation will help businesses digitalize their data and smart working procedures in less time. In particular, the use of ERP means the connection of multi-dimensional statistics in finance, business, technical, space and so on, leading to the connection of all business operations, setting a strong foundation for digital transformation.

Up to now, FPT IS has worked in ERP deployment for almost 25 years, in Vietnam as well as other nations. The company can act as a technology consultant and provide stable and specialized technological platforms to increase management quality, thus may help a business to catch up with the trend of digital transformation. SAP is a popular business management solution among various large FMCG companies of Vietnam, including Vinasoy, Trung Nguyen, Lavifood, and Tan Hiep Phat…

Source: VnExpress

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