Hi FPT 5.0 is the first “super application” for consumer management of Internet and cable services in Vietnam. With Hi FPT 5.0 and a smartphone, all users can manage and control the quality, service, and content of FPT Internet TV.

The application was official launched in October 2019, as the newest version after 4 years of constant updates and app development. It is also the fruit of research and creativity from Ms. Vu Thi Giang Huong, Vice Director of Customer Care Center, as well as from her teammates in the Hi FPT project. The application is built under the hope to bring consumers the experience of remote FPT Telecom service management, now more modern with alternative technologies replacing “traditional” approaches. Through each improved version of Hi FPT, we can see increasing user counts and interaction via the application, as well as the growing popularity of self-service functions.

Representing Hi FPT 5.0 team, Ms. Vu Thi Giang Huong has shared: “The project panel was formed from many members of different departments. That was a challenge that turns out to be advantageous, as they understand clearly procedures and tasks under performance, resulting in high quality products.”

In order for Hi FPT to become more user-friendly and convenient, the building and development team had researched to put out various functions and utilities, to satisfy most needs from customers. In particular, Hi FPT 5.0 had shown plenty exceptional improvements, including: convenient security levels – Face ID, PIN, Touch ID; Children supervision; Online payment; Online service registration; Real-time support via Chatbox, and so on.

Hi FPT 5.0 is equipped with additional exceptional features.

Anyone can install and use Hi FPT 5.0

Compared to previous versions of Hi FPT, only usable by customers with Internet/PayTV contracts with FPT Telecom, Hi FPT 5.0 had extended usage to all users with smartphones. This is the first internet service management application in Vietnam, launched by FPT Telecom. With this, even non-customers of FPT Telecom (those interested in technology, internet service, or internet TV services), can use the application.

To install and use Hi FPT 5.0, users only need to download the application from  AppStore(iOS) or CHplay(Android) on their devices. Then, they can activate an account via Facebook or Google. The many options offered plays to nowadays user behavior and technological trends, thus bring forth a friendly first impression.

Hi FPT is also equipped with convenient and strong security options like Face ID, PIN, Touch ID… suitable with customers’ habits and devices.

Easier management of modem devices and TV boxes

Old users of Hi FPT are sure to be familiar with features like Change name/password, Turn WiFi On/Off, Manage WiFi-connected devices – extremely convenient as they can all be done via a smartphone.

However, in this latest 5.0 version, new functions, utilities, and extensions will be added, like Checking speed of current internet wideband (3G, 4G, or from any Internet provider), or Setting schedules for WiFi usage, and Restart time for Modems in particular modems models distributed by FPT, promising a more comprehensive control.

With Hi FPT 5.0, customers can manage modem and TV boxes devices easily and conveniently via smartphones.

After installing Hi FPT 5.0, users of FPT Telecom’s TV boxes will be able to set up their boxes on this very application. In particular, they can change security options and passwords for the boxes, change the boxes’ names, and activate the children supervision feature.

The children supervision feature is particular to only FPT TV. With this, customers will have full control of contents that their children watch at home, just from a few clicks. As such, Hi FPT 5.0 will assure parents with protection over their children’s internet consumption in their absence.

Hi FPT 5.0 will also provide in details broadcast schedules of TV shows on FPT TV, as well as remind customers of their favorite shows. With the application, you will no longer miss your favorite contents on TV, and can also call your friends and family for a “joint screening”.

One-touch real-time support

No longer having to call the agencies to report problems, customers can now “touch the screen” on Hi FPT to make a request for support. The support function for technical/fees/procedures, and tracking of support process/history was already available in previous versions of the application. However, with Hi FPT 5.0, customers will get an “extremely modern” interactive experience.

In particular, they can directly converse with Technical Staff via Chatbot. There is also a “map technology” integrated in Hi FPT 5.0, so that customers can track the location of arrive staff. With this function, customers will be more proactive in time and task management, should they require technical assistance.

Aside from outstanding features for customers of FPT Telecom services, Hi FPT also allow new users to purchase FPT Internet/TV services on smartphones.

With Hi FPT, FPT Telecom had saved plenty human resources needed for customer care, at the same time gain access to more potential customers, who have yet to try FPT Telecom services. Hi FPT hopes to bring unique experiences that satisfy even the most demanding customers, and plans to continue bringing more functions and services to the Hi FPT platform, for the best customer experiences.

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