FPT.AI artificial intelligence platform can handle natural language, synthesize and recognize speech, extract information from images and digital knowledge to help businesses streamline their apparatus and optimize performance.

Revolution in interaction with customers

At 10 pm on Saturday night, Hong Nhung surfed the internet looking for a headset. Many products with different prices showed up, the 20-year-old girl who was not familiar with technology sought advice from the seller. “Can you help me pick a headphone at about 200,000?,” Nhung sent a message via Facebook messenger without hoping to hear back because it was late in the night.

But only two seconds after pressing enter button, the other end answered. “Please refer to the products at the following link”, with a cute smiley icon.

Nhung’s conversation with Pika’s chatbot, “customer service” staff continues, as a direct conversation between two people. The buyer asked, Pika immediately advised.

Being able to interact with customers 24/7, regardless of the time, the Pika chatbot – FPT’s artificial intelligence application product can perform conversations at the same time with many different customers. “At peak time, Pika can work as a replacement for 60% of employees,” FPT said. “If using human, businesses can hardly do it or it will cost quite large to maintain customer service team 24/7.”

But perhaps the most important thing is that customers will not feel bothered by the emotional state of the support staff. Pika is always polite to every request, even if customers accidentally say unpleasant words.

This is just one of the stories that enhance customer experience when businesses use chatbot on FPT.AI Conversation platform.

Equipped with machine learning, thinking language programming, deep understanding of Vietnamese in multiple contexts, different regional languages​​… chatbot FPT.AI can understand and judge the questions that customers have that will be based on an existing database of inquiry information. All are based on the knowledge “self-study” in the process of interacting with customers before.

Customer data entry time in seconds

Military Bank (MB Bank) has just launched a product package for all family members and has found a solution of FPT.AI to automatically extract data from the member’s registration file quickly and accurately, help digitize and accelerate the input process in seconds. On the other hand, this tool helps to increase customer experience.

With the image recognition and image processing technology of FPT.AI Vision, MB Bank can handle over 5,000 requests per day related to identifying and analyzing customer information from people’s identity cards,” FPT representative said.

Normally, when you want to digitize customer information, businesses will have to enter data manually or scan information stored as image by the process in a period of not less than 5 minutes/record. This work is repetitive, often boring for employees, and businesses will take a long time to control and extract customer information for related transactions.

Previously, in order to import data from the ID card of the customer, the average receptionist took from 3 to 4 minutes, but with FPT.AI Vision this task was completed in a few seconds, including transmission time for online images and have up to 98% accuracy even with old and digital ID cards.

FPT.AI Vision helps extract information in accordance with the required data fields. But time is calculated in seconds and can be stored on the system, making it easy for businesses to use later.

Enterprises can perform thousands of tasks simultaneously

15,000 calls at a time, 750,000 calls a month on average, each call lasts 2 minutes… are the numbers that an automated switchboard of a consumer finance company made when applying technology transfer convert text into voice (FPT.AI Text To Speech – TTS). These figures are equivalent to the performance of 500 call centers.

The system uses deep learning technology, speech synthesis technology was developed based on millions of voice samples from regions in Vietnam. This function allows you to turn insensitive text into natural, human-like expressions with three different regional speech choices.

Enterprises can now build call centers to handle customers and handle tens of thousands of calls every day automatically,” said FPT representative. “With this switchboard, businesses can save resources, optimize operating costs and enhance customer experience.”

Currently users can experience by visiting the website https://fpt.ai/en/tts-vi, then enter the text you want AI to read, select the reading speed, or add intonation if the paragraph contains the question. When clicking on Text analysis, FPT.AI will read that paragraph.

FPT.AI has built the “senses” for machine to understand and automatically interact with people with 4 components including: conversation platform (FPT.AI Conversation); speech recognition and processing (FPT.AI Speech); document and image processing (FPT.AI Vision) and digital knowledge system (FPT.AI Knowledge). Currently, there are 5 million monthly use of FPT.AI, the most applied application in customer care and business process automation. “Enterprises using FPT’s AI applications mainly focus on finance, telecommunications and customer service,” FPT said.

International quality

Accuracy above 90%; Reduce costs up to 70%; Increase labor productivity to 60 times; zero cost of the product trial.

Application and instant deployment

Reduce 50% of integration time and application of enterprise AI.


Be knowledgeable about factors of language, culture and a team of supportive experts, suitable to the needs of Vietnamese businesses.


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