On September 4, FPT Software will hold a virtual seminar named Solution Forum to share VnExpress’ lessons on building their own copyright detection system. This is one of the FPT Online’s DX projects with a new business model.

Copyright detection is one of the key part in journalism, especially on news websites. FPT Online has developed a solution called Copyright Detection to replace the traditional anti-piracy system with manual, time-consuming process and low accuracy.

Copyright Detection uses Machine Learning algorithms to digitize input data, including text and image, then it analyzes the content issue assessment and warnings. After more than 3 months of research and deployment, the solution can automatically scan more than 70 copy platforms; filter criteria is divided into different copy levels; timely control/evaluation system meets the needs of beneficiaries. Copyright Detection won the “Best Digital Transformation Project” award for the first 6 months of 2020 in FPT Corporation.

Organized by Solution & Technology Unit (FPT Software), Solution Forum will start with topic #66 on “Intelligent Copyright Detection System of VnExpress”, and offer in-depth contents on approaches, research and techniques.

The seminar will take place at 14:00 on September 4, 2020 via Microsoft Teams. You can register HERE.

The keynote speaker of Solution Forum is Mr. Luu Xuan Viet, Manager of DX projects at FPT Online. Viet has 10 years working in technology research and development at FPT Online, and technical manager in Multimedia, Interactive, and live streaming at VnExpress. Recently, he has managed DX projects such as: Digital Assets Management, Automate Comment Review, SalesCloud Bot, License (Copyright) Checking System, Smart Inventory System, contributing to FPT Online’s digital transformation roadmap.

Viet said that the system automates the process of detecting illegal content online, reduces 80% of the labor costs in charge of piracy control, and ensures that all violations are recorded and documented. In particular, this project potentially becomes one of the SaaS solution, opening up opportunities for a new copyright detection model for other units.

You can register the Seminar to learn and exchange with speakers from your home. For further information, please contact us via email [email protected] or follow up for other information at Workplace Solution Forum.

Thanh Phuong

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