With the technology foundation, high-quality training program and international environment of FPT University, students have the opportunities to motivate their creativity and develop amazing products that are useful for society.

The last “assignment” of FPT seniors

In the thesis defense session, final-year students in Software Engineering department have prepared several projects related to “working from home” amid COVID-19. Some typical topics such as: Community Learning Forum, Skilled Workers Booking, Public Place Registration, Building online teaching and examination system, aiming to connect employees with schools and online booking services.

1. Building online teaching and examination system – Potential rival of Google Meet

A group of 4 students, led by lecturer Kieu Trong Khanh, uses Jitsi to provide users with a learning tool and conduct online meetings that are similar to Google Meet or Zoom. Jitsi is an open source software that allows developers to easily develop and deploy solutions to “work from home”. This is currently a popular open-source and used by most of live streaming platforms including Google Meet.

The system has more extensive features than Google Meet, especially such features for teachers and students. It allows teachers to turn off students’ mic and camera, or check attendance. Besides, students can update their timetables or have private conversation with teachers in the classroom. The team also worked with a third-party platform, Quiznow, to assess students’ learning progress and limit fraud in examination.

Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, Panel Chairman of the thesis defense session, highly appreciates its creativity and high applicability. He regrets that if it was introduced earlier, it might become a Made-by-FPT tool for remote learning during COVID-19 social distancing.

2. Public Place Registration – An app let you book your meeting rooms and venues

Public Place Registration was developed by a group of 3 students, including Nguyen Van Hoa, Nguyen Minh Tu and Nguyen Hoang Vie, aiming to helps people to book rooms or venues for meetings or events.

One of the prominent features of the app is IP camera. It allows users to check the room condition when they check out, ensuring the room is returned to its original condition. You can count on other amazing features, such as showing booking status (rejected, approved, not started, in process, etc.), or using the infrared light to control equipment in the room. The team uses 2-layer image recognition and the Gaussian Blur pretreatment to increase the accuracy of authentication process. In addition, an automated chatbox is also integrated to the app to assist users in handling basic technical problems, or provide users with contact of technical support for timely repair.

The 18-year-old young man pursues his passion for technology and chooses FPT University

As a winner of the Young Knowledge for Education in 2019, Vo Nguyen Dinh Tri and his friend Nguyen Quang Duc entered the first year of FPT University. The two young man developed a project called REBO, a biology book with augmented reality (AR) for 10th grades, aiming to make biology more engaging and interesting for students.

“At high school, I specialized in Math, Physics and Chemistry. I noticed that my classmates underestimated such subjects as Biology or Geography, as they considered them minor subjects. They just studied for the score, not for interest, so they easily get bored and could not absorb knowledge in such fields. At this time, Duc and I were on the Board of Directors of the Science and Technology Club. We discussed together to do something to help solve this situation,” Tri shared.

Then, Tri and his friend embarked on redesigning the content of the Biology textbook for 10th grades to be more lively and attractive. At that time, both of them were preparing for the entrance exam, so they had to under a lot of pressure. They always stayed up all night to make the product. Tri called it a “crazy working process”.

“The most challenging thing was how to compile the book’s content and update the latest knowledge. Meanwhile, virtual reality (AR) had also be designed so that users don’t… get bored. I learned a lesson: to make a product in the education sector, it is necessary to understand the psychology of the students to have the right direction,” he claims.

After 3 months of hard work, they finally finish the book. It is compiled according to the state textbook standards, with a total of 3 chapters, 6 lessons, each corresponding to 10 AR cards. The AR card set is designed to display 3D images and has colors that correspond to the lessons. In addition to displaying single images, learners can match the cards in the same thread of knowledge to get 3D images.

Besides, each lesson is organized in the form of infographics and mind maps for students to easily absorb knowledge and enjoy learning Biology.

Not only won the first prize at the Young Knowledge contest for Education, REBO also took the lead at the 22nd Da Nang Youth Informatics Contest; and was in the top 15 typical products displayed in the 2019 Google I / O Extended.

These awards are prestigious, but that’s not the only thing that Tri has achieved in high school. Tri has realized his passion for technology since he was small, and participated in programming competitions for the first time since grade 9. In grade 10, he learned about chatbots on Facebook Messenger and designed his own app named Phan Chau Trinh Strangers to connect and chat with friends at school. This app had rapidly developed in many other schools in Da Nang, sometimes, the team operated a network of up to 30 people.

Thanks to a wealth of technology knowledge, Tri actively applies what he garnered to help businesses and startups to realize their ideas. The young man was in the top 50 of the 2017 Young Makers Challenge Competition, got the Second Prize in the 2018 Ecofest Fest, reached the top 5 of the 2018 U-Invent competition, became the team leader of FPT University – Danang at the final of the 2019 FPT Edu Hackathon, etc.

Despites a wide range of achievements, there have been times when Tri finds it challenging to pursue his passion. When applying for the entrance exam, his parents wanted him to apply for a Pedagogical University or University of Medicine and Pharmacy. However, the young man ended up “listening to his heart” and chose Software Engineering department of FPT University. As his parents heard the news, they were disappointed and sad for several months. However, over time, he has proven that his choice is absolutely right thanks to his proactive learning attitude. Tri’s parents now turned to agree and support Tri to follow his dream.

“After doing a lot of research, I know that FPT University students have the opportunities to participate in events, programs, competitions, and workshops related to application programming right from the first year. That will help me reach out to my potentials and passion. So I can say that this is a right choice for me,” Tri confirmed.

For FPT-ers, learning is not limited to the syllabus only, it is about applying what you acquire to real life and contribute to society.

Minh Minh
Source: FPT Education

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