The translation tool developed by FPT Software now may support Japanese – Vietnamese save at least 30% of time and improve 60% of work efficiency for short documents and graphs.

akaTrans is the first AI-based smart translation system in Vietnam, provided as a package software service. The whole package includes: Akaminds Machine Translation (AMT) and Computer-assisted translation tool (CAT tool). As akaTrans is provided as a cloud-based software service, it requires only an internet connection and a web browser for usage, no installation needed.

Akaminds Machine Translation can perform automatic translation on IT materials to support comtors and project teams in the work environment, with functions similar to those of Google Translate, including: sentence translation, document translation, and business functions (like user and project management). The CAT Tool meanwhile will divide the whole text into small segments (sentences), helping translators to easily focus and effectively translate, store their work in translation library, and improve efficiency with the search function for similar sentences.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lan – an FPT Software employee, has been using akaTrans (both AMT and CAT tool) as support for translation since the first days of this tool (around mid-2018). She often uses akaTrans for input data of projects and materials for estimation, which are large documents that require fast processing for initial research stages. Ms. Lan also utilizes akaTrans in cooperation with MMQ – another translation tool that can improve translation efficiency, save typing effort, and reuse previously accurate translated sentences. According to her, she has saved up to 30% of translation time with akaTrans.

Photo: FPT Software.

Similar to Ms. Lan, Ms. Pham Thi Ngoc Bich had evaluated akaTrans to “help improve translation efficiency, making it extremely helpful for comtors”. Ms. Bich often uses Akaminds Machine Translation (AMT) from akaTrans for quick translation and completion of proposals pre-project.

In her projects, there are two types of documents that requires translating: from Japanese to Vietnamese and vice versa. Between these, akaTrans is mostly used for Japanese-Vietnamese translation, especially for short sentences, graphs, and tables. In projects with large proportions of Japanese-Vietnamese documents, translation efficiency can improve up to 60%, according to Ms. Bich. Subsequently, Japan-related projects are often found to have improved results by an average 10% if akaTrans had been in use.

Mr. Dang Khai Hoan – Head of FGC, the FPT Software division that specializes in Japanese translation had affirmed that: akaTrans with integrated AMT will increase translation speed. In particular, Translation Memories (TM) will be combined in to a large memory, while MMQ cannot optimizes them all. akaTrans also have the benefit of being web-based, which requires no installation, only a Username and Password.

The akaTrans also applies the most advanced technologies, including: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing – which allows comtors to easily and directly process image materials on akaTrans.

AMT can perform Japanese – Vietnamese translation with up to 80% accuracy.

akaTrans’ user-friendly interface also reduces the time needed for users to grow accustomed to app maneuvering, while its web-based nature eliminates complicated installation.

From this August, AMT will stop automatically translate files upon upload, but rather first calculate incurred costs for the uploaded files, and users will need to click the 📷 button for the tool to start translating. The project management team meanwhile will able to access the [Bills] function to see all incurred costs from document translation, and who requested those translation.

For cases that requires akaTrans’ translation API from third-party systems, the project management team can create their own [Access Tokens] for embedding in other systems. When updated with AMT feature for translating Japanese materials, akaTrans will automatically remove costs for romanji characters. This help to ensure no wasteful cost in files with large quantities of romanji (for example: design, test case…). This pricing scheme will serve the long-term development of AMT in the near future.

akaTrans is suitable for various use cases and users, from independent translators to businesses and non-profit organizations. Its advantage includes high security, data management, information safety, and no data disclosure to third parties.

Thu Que – Thao My

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