The process digitalization and automatic work assignment solution for businesses FPT SPro had helped businesses to automatize 50-90% of tasks, as well as reduce time spent on internal work procedures and management costs.

Instead of wasting time and money on separated, manual, and time-consuming processes, with “The process digitalization and automatic work assignment solution for businesses – FPT SPro”, companies can improve their internal operations, work efficiency, as well as competitive advantages.

“This solution can digitalize all work procedures of businesses on a single platform, transformation paperwork into a digital experience for employees in relevant departments. The system can also provide real-time business management reports for the management board,” said a representative for the team behind FPT SPro.

Employees at FPT IS.

FPT SPro is a reliable solution from FPT IS for businesses with the need to process a large amount of requests, as it can comprehensively manage workflows and resources by standardizing and digitalizing hundreds of procedures on one single platform. It can also automatically assign work by work/people using delegation and authorization.

The software can also be integrated with digital signature technologies, in order to ensure validity and security requirements in signing and getting approvals from senior managers. Furthermore, its successful application of RPA technologies allows the systems to perform quickly with absolute accuracy.

Since January 2018. FPT SPro (previously FPT.U-Services) has been applied at FPT IS, a nationwide business with over 3,000 employees across various fields and jobs.

Upon applying the software, the business had reduced 90% of average time spent on complicated paperwork, 70% of approval time, 70% of costs for documents and paper, and improved work efficiency of back office workers by 150%. The system also gained a 90% satisfactory rate from users.

With FPT SPro, businesses can digitalize all internal services on one single platform.

FPT SPro is also in use at a leading business in the Vietnam’s F&B market. Per the business, before FPT SPro, they often rely on complex and manual management procedures, with huge amounts of paperwork, long approval time, and difficulties in processing documents.

After the solution, however, their company had seen digitalized procedures, short approval times, and increases in work efficiency. Their representative also shared: “All our employees could assess technology, change their way of thinking and working, and our managers can easily track workflows, thus eliminating “blind spot” bottlenecks.”

In particular, with FPT SPro, the corporation had seen a 30-50% increase in automation, 70% reduction in management time, 20% decrease in management costs, and 50% improvement in office workers efficiency. Recently in April, FPT SPro had also been awarded with the Excellent Software Award at Sao Khue 2020, after its previous Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2019.

At the moment, FPT SPro is being deployed throughout FPT Corporation with 30,000 employees. This “Made by FIS” is also chosen by large companies like THP Group, Northern Power Corporation, and so on.

To provide businesses with a clearer look of FPT SPro along with its functions and benefits, FPT will host an online consulting session on “Tips for Automatic work assignment – Remote work management with FPT SPro and FPT SFlash” on the upcoming July 9. Registration can be done here.

With spectacular functions and short deployment time, FPT SPro is sure to help businesses in overcoming multiple challenges, especially those that deal with huge amounts of paperwork during the end of the year or the financial reporting seasons.

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