Industry 4.0 with new technological breakthrough is dynamic force development of smart manufacturing, autonomous devices… It is believed that is the golden opportunity of technology enterprises with strength in software such as FPT.

In the meeting Vietnam in the earlier of 2018, Bill Ruh, Digital transformation Director of GE cum GE Digital Chief believed: “This is the time dominated by software. Software engineering will become the most valuable field with the biggest opportunity. The revenue of this field is expected to reach 6.8 million dollars in the next ten years. Big and professional software companies will have biggest opportunity to develop in the world.”

The world and digital transformation

Supporting to the of the Head of GE Digital, Chairman of FPT Corporation, Truong Gia Binh revealed: “Until 2016, the number of FPT’s customers in the Fortune 500 was just 24. But the figure for 2017 increased to 64. The digital transformation demand of big enterprises in the world has increased ever have. In fact, there was a big corporation that took  2–3 years to recruit digital transformation services suppliers; but recently signed the contract with FPT in just two months.”

“Airbus has a big demand in recruitment computer programmer, researcher and data expert”, Marc Fontaine – Digital Transformation Officer of Airbus said in the later of last year also the opportunity of FPT, as well as Vietnam in digital transformation.

According to the worldwide digital transformation predictions of IDC, By the end of 2019, DX spending will reach $1.7 trillion worldwide, 75% big enterprises will apply loT and big data analytics to monitor operating, reduce risks and speed new product to the market.

The development of new technology is also creating the era autonomous devices. According to Market & Research, the market of the car with an advanced support system is expected to reach 62 billion dollars by 2025, with average growth over 18% per year.

With that trend, driverless car will be no longer monopoly field of Ford, Daimler, Toyota, Nissan… it is becoming the strength of software companies.

How did FPT take promptly the golden opportunity?

In 2017, the growth of digital transformation of FPT is six times higher than the whole Corporation, reached over 50% and accounted for 21% total revenue of FPT technology department. The understanding demand of customers, FPT has promptly invested in human development resources and cooperated with giants that own advanced technology basis of the digital revolution such as GE (Predix), Siemens (MinSphere), Airbus (Skywise), Amazon AWS… In fact, from 2012 FPT is the Vietnamese company leading in the research and development of big data, cloud platform, mobility…

Cách mạng 4.0, phần mềm lên ngôi: cơ hội vàng cho FPT - Ảnh 1.
FPT’s self-driving car running on F-Town’s campus, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

FPT has applied many developments in digital transformation, and these advancements are also essential for the development of FPT in digital transformation field. In the car, with orientation in software development– technology solutions, FPT established Strategic Software Automotive Center (that is included in FPT Software Company). The growth of revenue from research and development solutions in-car technology of FPT is expected to reach 60% per year in the following three years.

Asia, especially East Asia (Japan, Korea, China) will be the target market of FPT in the field of digital transformation. Because the cost is increasing in China, Japanese enterprises are having to demand new partner to reduce the dependent in China. FPT has cooperated with 40 corporations in the world to develop the technological car. In the field of autonomous, FPT has developed and applied firstly successful. Recently, a car enterprise of Japan has ordered FPT to cooperated driverless car to apply in the Olympic 2020.

“Digital transformation is the opportunity to FPT establishes a position in the worldwide technology map. FPT has established the target to become the leading company in the automotive field in the world. We believe that having growth in digital transformation, the export software will remain the growth 25–35 % in the following five years and account for 50% total revenue of the Corporation”, Chairman FPT Corporation said ambitiously.

Source: Nhịp Sống Kinh Tế

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