To know the weaknesses and strengths of students is extremely important in education. Normally, this is often done by teachers, who are always with students in learning. Yet, in classroom of 35-50 students, keeping track proves to be quite a difficult task.

And the problem is not exclusive to Vietnam, even prevalent at countries with developed education. A current method is to reduce classroom population to give teachers more time per student, thus improving teach quality in classrooms.

Yet, with the development of technology, what used to be a task only for professionals are now conquered by artificial intelligence (AI). After 2 years of research and development, FPT has successfully built the VioEdu educational system that can automatically make knowledge models, as well as point out the strong and weak “nodes” of students. The system can be regarded as a breakthrough in AI, paving the way for technology to approach and assist educational activities.

So, how exactly does VioEdu attempt all these impossibilities?

1. Making knowledge models:

VioEdu’s AI automatically make knowledge models of students

After 2 years of research and development, as well as receiving support from education experts and good teachers, the system has built a database on the interrelation of skills, where each skill is matched with another relevant one.

Thanks to this, the AI has “learned” how to judge like an experienced teacher, thus know where a student is lacking, and where did the lacking come from.

When students do exercises on the system, the AI will automatically make knowledge models of them, turning the performance into interrelated skill nodes. At present, the AI can evaluate each skill in these models, matching them with different specific targets.

2. Evaluating the importance of contents:

It is VioEdu’s belief that, one of the most important part to better learning is not materials, but rather interest. Therefore, after making knowledge models, the system will simulate different learning scripts for different individuals, then predict future skills to be learned in the classroom, evaluate necessary contents, and make learning suggestions.

From these activities, students can prepare better for each learning period, and from that will have more fun and become more active in the classroom. Their short-term performance and study interest will also be improved, especially with constant incentive and encouragement from family and teachers.

3. Learning suggestions:

After determining a student’s strengths and weaknesses, the system will try different approaches in encouraging the student to practice those areas, including:

– Making suggestion during practice and exercises

– Creating daily and weekly challenges to encourage students to focus more on important skills

– Integrating strengths and weaknesses suggestions to assigned homework, giving students their own learning orientation

– Integrating different gamification methods to encourage students’ interest and competitiveness

The system automatically create distinctive learning paths for each student

After 2 years of development, the AI of VioEdu seems to have laid the step in analyzing human’s abilities, or in particular, learning the strengths and weaknesses of students. In the future, technology is sure make education more efficient in various way, one of which being the delivery of higher quality learning materials to remote areas, where the studying conditions are still poor. Another way is the standardization of materials in higher education levels, making them clearer and more accurate. With all these improvements, teachers will adopt the role of “trainers”, who will focus more on raising the energy, love, passion, and motivation for studying in students.

Let’s hope that, in the near future, with technological developments will come positive movements and better performances from students, bringing the light of education to millions of Vietnamese students, assisting them on the path to globalization. All are in the vision and mission set out by VioEdu.

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