IoT is forecasted to be a promising field, with a market value of up to VND 8,200 billion by 2023, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – President of LUMI Vietnam gives many practical lessons, recruitment opportunities and career advice. career career for young people in the framework of the ZoomTalk program organized by FUNiX.

The online sharing session on the topic “Everything connected” and the need to know “attracted dozens of audience members of FUNiX, who are interested in the IoT field.

With the topic “Everything connected” and what you need to know “, the online discussion led by Mr. Tuan Anh – Chairman of the pioneer in smart home development in Vietnam attracted the attention of Dozens of young people are pursuing IT.

Within more than 1.5 hours of talking, LUMI Chairman gave a relatively comprehensive and detailed picture of the IoT industry in our country today. As a new technology, IoT has been widely used in life from connecting in families and society (smart home, smart city) to agriculture, industry… IoT is also a potential market. IoT on smartphones alone can be worth up to 2,500 billion VND, growing to 8,200 billion VND by 2023.

The nature of the IoT product includes: Power / battery / solar power supply, with the input device being a sensor system and the output being an actuator that is processed information for meaningful operation and is connected to many other devices, never works alone. Evidence of the Smarthome products (smart homes) that LUMI is developing, Mr. Tuan Anh helps listeners understand how IoT products work and their meaning. For example, ceiling mounted motion sensor: when detecting human movement in light conditions below a certain level, it turns on automatically. When there are no people, how long does it take to turn off the lights. Although the product is very small, it takes a lot of research and development to make it.

“The number of IoT devices connected globally is enormous. In the future these devices will cover people’s lives. This is a market segment that can completely change the economy and technology of a country and the attractive point is that it is not too difficult to follow this industry. Opportunities, but great challenges“- Mr. Tuan Anh affirmed.

LUMI Vietnam – A start-up of nearly 10 years in the IoT segment still faces these challenges every day. The first difficulty is because Vietnam has an undeveloped supporting industry that can discourage many people. For example, it takes almost two years to make a standard and suitable electrical operation to meet customer requirements. Other physical products will be more demanding and challenging.

Overview diagram of the IoT product’s nature.

The second difficulty is human resources. IoT businesses like LUMI Vietnam, or the “big men” like Vinsmart, Viettel all have difficulty finding a large number of suitable software and hardware engineers. In particular, many training institutions in Mechatronics majors, the connections are still trained according to the wired standards, while the IoT needs to use the standard wire connection like Zigbee, the schools have little training.

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh emphasized: Young people who want to “do” the IoT need to understand the problems that customers/ people are facing in all areas of their life. Along with that is the most basic knowledge of C programming language, microcontroller programming, MCU microprocessor, knowledge of wireless connection standards like zigbee. Besides, skills like passion, spirit readiness to learn, persistence and persistence by industry are extremely important.

Stemming from the fact of “thirst” for human resources and wanting to contribute to finding solutions to the problem of IoT HR in particular, IT recruitment in general in Vietnam in the 4.0 era, LUMI Vietnam cooperated with FUNiX to launch the training course. create online “IoT Programming with LUMI“. The company has also awarded 10 full scholarships, totaling more than 200 million VND to 10 talented candidates across the country. After nearly 3 months of launching, the LUMI and FUNiX scholarship programs have attracted the attention and registration of more than 400 candidates. The youngest candidate to win a scholarship was born in 2006.

FUNiX is an online learning program under FPT Education system, providing basic courses such as “Introduction to IoT”, “Citizen”… to specialized in Information Technology such as “Blockchain”, “Automotive Programming. ”… Bachelor Degree in IT at FUNiX is granted by FPT University and recognized by the Ministry of Education of Vietnam. According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam – Founder of FUNiX University: “In the rapidly developing IT context, becoming an indispensable tool in all of our work, each person must equip themselves with knowledge. IT is extremely necessary for me ”.

This is also the first university in Vietnam to apply new teaching methods. Students do not need to go to the lecture halls, no textbooks, or even a teacher. Each student will be able to decide for themselves the appropriate schedule and location for them.

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