Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the driving experience by making it safer, smarter, intuitive, and hands-free. Not just self-driving vehicles, AI technology empowers users with hands-free task completion and access to information, predictive maintenance, emergency braking facilities, and much more.

Speed, accuracy, and utility are the cornerstones upon which Voice AI technology stands firm. These attributes of Voice AI is what makes it the best fit for usage in the automotive industry. Using AI technology, the automobile industry has been making rapid strides towards smarter and hands-free driving experiences. The automobile industry is leveraging the ability of Voice AI technology in accessing information and completing tasks in the hands-free mode.

Cars are no longer meant to just drive and park. They are transforming into smart devices equipped with futuristic features like hands-free task completion, predictive analysis, and contextual awareness.

Voice AI technology enables automobile drivers to accomplish tasks quicker and more intuitively. Voice AI can greatly improve the lives of drivers and surrounding vehicles in terms of safety and time while traveling from one destination to another. Google has recently launched the self-driving pod, Waymo, based on autonomous driving technology. This project was started in 2009 with the aim of making it safe and easy for everyone to get around without the need for a driver. Users can book a self-driven car through the Waymo app on their smartphone.

Apart from improving the driving experience, Voice AI can also enable drivers to control the environment within the vehicle. Predictive vehicle technology is another breakthrough in AI-powered automotive solutions where the user-provided predictive inputs on whether the car requires service or not.

Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) is an upcoming technology in car rental services that enables people to book a cab with driverless technology through an app. Voice AI-enabled cab service is another trend that can be of great help to the disabled and the elderly community. People who are wheelchair-bound or the elderly can book a cab service by simply issuing a voice command. Voice AI empowers the disabled to choose a car that is wheelchair friendly for a safe and comfortable ride to their destination.

Voice AI Technology Trends in the Automobile Space to Watch Out For

According to the Grand View Research, the Global Voice and Speech recognition market is expected to show a CAGR growth of 17.5% from 2019 to 2025. Integration of voice-enabled in-car infotainment systems has increased rapidly, with a number of countries implementing hands-free regulations that dictate the use of mobile phones while driving.

Market Research Engine predicts the Global Automotive Artificial Intelligence Market is poised to cross 10.5 billion USD by 2024 at a CAGR of 37.5%. The major driving factors of adopting AI in the automotive industry are advanced technologies, increased awareness, and improved speed and accuracy.

Global Market Insights predicts wider implementation of AI technologies in the automotive industry with the emergence of self-driving and connected vehicles. It is predicted that the percentage of cars with internet connectivity will reach 75% by the year 2020. The number of cars with self-driving features on the road is expected to reach 10 million by 2020.

Voice AI becoming an Indispensable Part of Automotive Industry

The stage is set for a “voice-first” world, where all that is required of you is ‘speaking’ to complete tasks or access information. The automotive industry has embraced voice technology for enabling superior driving experience and greater connectivity. There are several factors that have contributed to the adoption of Voice AI technology in the automotive industry. The driving factors are better connectivity expectations of consumers, the need for intuitive and accurate in-car infotainment systems, better road safety and navigation, and the need for innovative in-car accessibility and control systems.

Have you ever imagined running a test drive in your dream car sans the salesperson or superfluous information? Voice AI allows for the best test drive experience by providing detailed information about the car without any human interference. Winimy heralds the future of test drives with Voice AI technology. The voice assist in test drives can spell out error-free specs, complete information about the model, and the best part is you will not be constantly monitored by the salesperson. Adjusting the in-car environment can also be done hands-free with the voice assistant.

Voice AI – the futuristic face of Automobile Innovation

The future of Voice AI is one that makes your driving experience as memorable and hassle-free as possible. Voice technology makes it all possible from automatic toll payments to vehicle monitoring, maintenance, automatic parking payment and to CaaS. Having voice-enabled automotive systems is beyond sophistication as is pragmatic and novel, and it also ensures the safety and convenience of the driver. According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Safety Administration, USA, 10% of the fatal crashes and 15% of the injury crashes that occurred in 2015 were due to distracted driving. Incorporating Voice AI for in-vehicle control can contribute towards reducing driving distractions. While customers may look forward to an in-car convenience with voice assists, the focus on improving road safety is still one of the most valued advantages of Voice AI.

Consumers are always demanding seamless connectivity across various communication channels. Their demand has paved the way for a string of innovations in the automobile industry. From improving the in-car experience through traffic reports, GPS and built-in Wi-Fi to controlling the in-car environment – automobile manufacturers are implementing hands-free solutions. Voice AI allows customers to do more while driving. The future of an in-car interface relies heavily on the evolution of voice AI. Many automakers are investing greatly on futuristic Voice-based car infotainment systems.

According to Intel, AI-powered driverless automobiles will evolve into a brand by itself and will be worth a whopping 7 trillion USD by 2050. Top car manufacturers are focusing on designing driverless cars over the next 2–3 years.

Getting “vocal” with Voice AI

For most of us, artificial intelligence technology may seem like a concept straight out of a science fiction book, but it is very much an actual technology with numerous real-life applications. Voice AI is by far one of the most utilized technologies amongst the millennials. There are several reasons why people are inclined to go for voice-powered applications with the main reason being a hands-free way of accomplishing tasks and gathering information. This method also yields results much faster. Speed, accuracy, and utility are essential for any technology used in the automobile industry. Voice AI fits like a glove here. This technology gets you accurate results much faster and is extremely user-friendly.

 Source: Becoming Human

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