This morning, December 22nd, the launching ceremony of Intelligent Integrated Systems Laboratory of Hanoi National University took place at the University of Technology – National University with the participation of leaders of schools, representatives of government agencies, representatives of FPT Corporation and other enterprises.
The laboratory is launched to serve the research and manufacture circuits, develop IoT projects, HPC (High Perfomance Computing) processing system. Workshop on Integrated Circuits and Systems also took place in the same day in order to introduce the research achievements in the field of integrated circuits and systems, tools to design automatic electronic circuit, hybrid switching router, effective video encoding methods applied to security camera system…
In the future, the National University and FPT Corporation will cooperate to research and develop voice processing technology, natural language processing through staff exchange programs, collaborative use of the laboratory to jointly research and apply technology. FPT expects that the close and effective cooperation with research department of National University in particular and other universities in technology field in general will contribute to the strong development of technology ecosystem of Vietnam in the near future.
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