Applying IT to teaching and learning History, Mr. Nguyen Dang Tuyen, FPT High School Teacher recently created a website specializing in forwarding and connecting students’ assignments.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Tuyen, a high school teacher at FPT high school introduced about IT applications in teaching History.

The website supporting the teaching and learning history is founded by Mr. Nguyen Dang Tuyen, a history teacher at FPT High School in January 2019, with the name “Study history for immortality.” This is the channel for exchanging exercises and historical knowledge of students in Grade 10 at FPT High School. Although it has been established for not a long time and only revolves around lesson 20 “Building and developing the national culture in the X

XV centuries”, but up to now, there have been hundreds of exercises students’ designed posters and become an interesting information library.

According to Mr. Nguyen Dang Tuyen, the website was created on the Google Sites and Padlet technology platform. Here, Mr. Tuyen sets out the task of designing posters on a specific historical theme for students. Along with Vietnamese cultural achievements in the X-XV century, students have a duty to learn about the fields of religion and ideas; the task of research on Buddhist, Confucius, Taoism architectures… He also suggested that students can use Canva tools to design posters, and give them the advice to have a beautiful poster.

After receiving the problem, students work in groups or individually, self-study the information and present historical objects with their own images and layouts. After completing the poster, students can manually upload the product to the website.

On the website, each student has a separate product that makes up a rich general database.
On the website, each student has a separate product that makes up a rich general database.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Tuyen said: “Before setting up this website, I had to exchange and ask for help from some people but when I started to do it, most of them were referring to information on the internet and doing it myself. The time for me to create this website is only in one day but because I am not a technology expert, I have encountered many difficulties. However, at present, this website has all the basic content to help students easily use it”.

Several historical posters of students in the 10th grade of FPT High School.

The students’ historical exercises on the “Studying History for Immortality” website are no longer long-text pages, now all of the knowledge you show in vivid posters. Historical stories become more interesting. Through poster making, students also have more their ability to research, select information, and make presentations attractive.

Mr. Tuyen said: “When applying IT in teaching, students’ products are always highly appreciated and appreciated by teachers. He took the score of 1 of these products but depending on the lesson, depending on the class, I do not always take the points”.

It is known that for FPT high school students, the application of canva, padlet, photoshop… into practice is not strange. However, in other subjects, these exercises are only offered separately but Mr. Tuyen has built up an online site, forming a very rich and interactive common data warehouse

FPT High School students are used to turning knowledge into vivid graphics products.

When using this learning website, the interaction between teachers and students will be expanded in space and time. Parents can also participate in their lessons with many roles such as supporters, classmates…”, said, Mr. Tuyen.

Building this learning site also received a lot of positive feedback from students. Student Do Hoang Son, FPT High School 10A4 shared: “I find this kind of learning very good and interesting, mainly working in groups, improving self-study methods through self-learning information. Doing this new style of exercise also gives us the ability to summarize a long history into a story that is easier to understand and learn”. Son also added: “Mr. Tuyen is a very enthusiastic person in his work. He always tried to turn boring hours into “learning and playing” hours, helping us to be interested in this subject”.

Participating in teaching at a high school established by a technology group, Mr. Nguyen Dang Tuyen always researches to apply IT in teaching his subjects. Before building a website to support the history of teaching and learning – “Studying history for immortality“, Mr. Tuyen used to be surprised when instructing students to use Powtoon, Storyjumper to create many graphics videos and steamy storybooks to guide for students’ learning process at school.

Mr. Tuyen added, in the coming time, he will continue to let students put video products and storybooks on the Studying history for immortality website. “In addition to expertise, teachers must constantly explore, constantly learn both foreign languages and technology. In my opinion, these are two important factors to create technology teachers”, said Mr. Tuyen.

For him, the target of becoming a teacher is not only to provide knowledge but also to make students feel interested in learning, especially a subject that is labeled “boring” by many people as History. Mr. Tuyen shared: “I want students to experience many smart learning models, approach the 4.0 industrial revolution. Each exercise fosters the children ‘love with the country’s history and also trains them skills for later occupations”.

Source: FPT Education

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