FPT.AI Vision ID card recognition technology is estimated to have the accuracy rate of up to 93%.

At Insight FPT.AI event held on December 26, Scientific Director Dang Hoang Vu demoed FPT.AI Vision image recognition technology directly to all attendees.

Accordingly, FPT.AI Vision identifies and returns the results almost exactly to the information in the front of the ID card such as Name, ID, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Home…

Scientific Director Dang Hoang Vu shared in-depth technical knowledge.
FPT experts demoed FPT.AI Vision products
Live screen of FPT.AI Vision image recognition technology demo.

FPT.AI Vision can identify both old identity cards and new citizenship cards. For old faded people’s identity cards, FPT.AI Vision produces negligible errors.

It is known that FPT ID recognition technology is rated as the best in the market today because of the high accuracy of 93%, the number that many other competitors cannot achieve.

Let’s look at some memorable photos and moments at the event:

Readers can review the live video of the event HERE.

Phuong Thao

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