“FPTSmall Arena” – The nationwide competition for “FPT Smalls” in Elementary level had found its 5 champions – each now an “VioEdu ambassador” of their grade level. Today, let’s discover their respective journeys to become champions of “FPTSmall Arena” with VioEdu.

The 5 excellent students to become VioEdu ambassadors.

Quick to bond with “VioEdu learning assistant”

Among numerous participants of this year’s arena are many that are already accustomed to learning on the online learning platform VioEdu. However, Minh Chau (Grade 3 Ambassador) was a first-time user, and only recently researched VioEdu. Unlike her initial hesitance, Minh Chau very quickly learned how to watch videos and do exercises on the system, for according to her, “VioEdu’s display is very cute and easy to use”.

Thanks to VioEdu’s colorful animations and questions, along with a dubbed voice exclusive for 1st grade students, Thuy Chi (Grade 1 Ambassador) found herself learning very comfortably. She easily absorbed the knowledges “thanks to interesting lessons and divided sections”, as she need not to feel pressured to remember or learn too much at the same time. Duc Anh (Grade 4 Ambassador) also felt very excited to exercise on VioEdu, as he never feared getting things wrong. “If I do an exercise incorrectly, then VioEdu will provide a detailed and simple solution, and got me all excited for the next questions,” he said.

The kids’ most favorite rewards on VioEdu, however, are the diamonds and unique in-system collections, and Hoang Hai (Grade 2 Ambassador), was no exception. Since he started using VioEdu, Hoang Hai has always been trying to garner as many diamonds as possible to trade them for the car giftset he wants.

Hoang Hai – the “diamond collector”.

Impressive achievements

Before gaining their title as the champions of FPTSmall Arena, all 5 had achieved admirable rewards.

From perfect 10s at school to Mathematical rewards at school and district levels, the 5 had all successfully achieved. Nguyen Thanh (Grade 5 Ambassador) even got his name on the rankings of HongKong International Mathematical Olympiad 2020.

The eldest of the 5.

Duc Anh is not only good at Math, but also makes his teachers and parents proud with his many titles in Me Linh district in 2020, and a First Prize in a City-level Competition.

Duc Anh – The owner of many large and small prizes.

Thuy Chi only started attending school in the school year 2019-2020, yet still established her talents by joining various competitions, winning herself a Second Prize the province’s Vietnamese competition and high achievements in the Violympic Mathematics in English competition.

Minh Chau, meanwhile, is an active and skillful kid, having won Happy Home – an internal competition recently hosted by FPT Corporation.

Experiences for Math learning and the key to winning “FPTSmall Arena”

“The key” to becoming champions at FPTSmall Arena are intelligence and har work. Of course, there is also their love for Math at play, but love is uniquely cultivated in different people.

Hard work and self-discipline

When asked about her learning methods, Thuy Chi, the smallest of the five, shared: “I learn using the computer every evening, and try to do my exercises before.” Chi mostly learned at home by herself during the last school year, her mom having referenced different methods of teaching Mathematical thinking and mental calculation, at the same time instructing Chi how to use the computer to assess new learning channels.

This cute girl is the Champion of Grade 1.

Learning while playing

Hoang Hai has his own learning schedule. He goes to extra Math classes twice a week and learns online using VioEdu to garner diamonds for his favorite rewards. “I like Math games, especially Brain Out on my dad’s smartphone,” Hai disclosed. Minh Chau is also a fan of doing math quizzes with her dad, with her favorite being Japanese-styled problems.

Alongside her dad, Minh Chau also receives guidance and encouragement from her grandmother.

Daily revision

Despite their many rewards, all 5 did not grow careless as they attend FPTSmall Arena. All spend 2-5 weeks before the competition to get used to the exercises, revise their knowledges, and prepare themselves before attending. “I did 4 mock exams, and got 49 correct answers in my best try,” said Hoang Hai, Grade 2 Champion. Despite being the youngest, Thuy Chi is extremely keen – she only stopped doing mock tests when she answered a;; 50 questions perfectly correct. And reality shows that their efforts has not gone to waste.

As the oldest, Nguyen Thanh knows how to combine different learning methods to achieve the best results. He mostly learns by himself, and practice further on online learning channels. The boy also never misses any chance to compete to improve his skills and knowledges.  According to Thanh, he wishes for even more playgrounds where he can “freely compete and create.”

The sky is wide open

“I know that VioEdu has many interesting competitions, and will try to practice more to participate and compete in Math with good students throughout the nation” – Hoang Hai excitedly said with the spirit of a ‘newly-crowned’ champion.

FPTSmall Arena is not only a learning playground, but also an effective learning channel for FPT Smalls. Seeing kids’ growing bond and love for the systems, parents of FPT feel very reassured. “The online learning method and multiple-choice exercises on VioEdu is very attractive, so I have introduced the platform to many parents in Chi’s class,” said Thuy Chi’s mother.

We hope that “FPTSmall Arena” has been an useful experience for our champions as well as other kids during the summer of 2020. Most importantly, VioEdu also hopes that via this playground, FPT Smalls have find themselves an effective and exciting learning channel, to further cultivate their talents and love for Mathematics, to together reach new horizons.

Source: VioEdu

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