The development of technology in education improves teaching effectiveness, creating new experiences for both teachers and students and is a potential field to be developed.

In the afternoon of September 12, at the FPT TechDay 2018, participants had a chance to listen to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – Deputy Head of FPT Technology Innovation Department’s presentation about modern education.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh – Deputy Head of FPT Technology Innovation Department talked about modern education at FPT TechDay 2018 Conference.

In his talk, Mr. Minh introduced the modern education platform Vioedu – an Edtech platform for students from primary to high school, distributed according to the curriculum of Vietnamese textbooks. The online practice and test system uses the latest technologies such as graphical modeling, big data analysis, artificial intelligence to personalize learning, creating for each student a proper studying process, which helps them to overcome weakness and promote strengths in the best way.

The speaker’s presentation.

VioEdu is researched and developed by the FPT Technology Innovation Department based on the previous experience with ViOlympic. VioEdu can meet more than 1 million users at a time, 10 million requests per minute and 95% of the requests are returned at a “faster-than-flash” speed.

Mr. Minh shared more about ViOlympic, an educational product that has 10 years of formation and development. This product was developed by FPT and has achieved significant success. ViOlympic is a combination of modern educational methods and technology, aimed at the dynamic young people. Currently, about 30 million students have registered for the service and 30% of the students regularly take the ViOlympic exam across 63/63 provinces.

ViOlympic uses different ways to bring students experiences that are not the same as traditional education. One of the first method is “Modeling Knowledge.” For example, when a student makes a miscalculation, the system will show why the student is wrong and how to solve it, instead of making students do it again.

To do this, ViOlympic uses the “nodes” of knowledge. These nodes are connected and closely related. When students give the wrong answer, these nodes will be displayed to indicate where the error is and why it is wrong. Through tests, the system is able to identify which part students are weak at, somewhat based on the history of the test, so that parents and teachers can know exactly what their child needs to improve and what knowledge field is the students missing.

The superiority of the system is shown such as: for a class of about 50-60 students, a paper review of each student will take a lot of time and is almost ineffective, but with the ViOlympic system, teachers and parents just need to understand the chart to know what needs to be developed for the students.

Next is a tool called Learning Motivation. The deputy head of FPT Technology provides examples closely linked to the students’ lives or evidence that can provide interesting insights, usually geographic and historical knowledge. “From that, we are able to stimulate the pleasure and curiosity of students as they can get the academic knowledge while simultaneously know more about social knowledge,” said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh.

Finally, ViOlympic can be personalized for each student. Based on the graph, students only need to learn the parts that are red in color (for example), and from that they will reduce the time compared to traditional learning when it takes a lot of time to find out what knowledge is missing.

“When there is an educational foundation with nearly 30 million users, we need to rewrite the system to enhance the user experience. It is an impossible task to have only five months to rewrite the entire system, move data and improve security”, Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, FPT Technology Innovation Department talked about when he rewrote the whole system.

Speaker Nguyen Viet Cuong, FPT Technology Innovation Department, shared about the time he rewrote the whole system.
The speaker received the medal from the organizers.

Through the presentation on Education in the 4.0 era, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh affirmed: “Education is of utmost importance to FPT”. Also, As Vietnam is striving to become one of the pioneers in the 4th industrial revolution,  investment in the field of educational technology or Edtech is increasingly valued.

Phuong Thao

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