For FPT, a technology group with a pioneering mindset in the 4th technology revolution, the role of technology experts, especially female experts is extremely important. Starting in 2013, eight technology experts were honored by the Corporation. Three most recently female expert who joined the ranks of the technology experts at the group level is Bui Thi Nhu Quynh, Nguyen Hong Van, and Tang Ngoc Phuong.

Ms. Bui Thi Nhu Quynh: Fierce female guru with great responsibility

Ms. Quynh is known at FIS FPS as a responsible and determined, get-things-done leader. Quynh graduated from National Economics University, majoring in Economic IT. She was appointed to be a technology expert at the Group level – business consultant level 3 in 2018.

Ms. Bui Thi Nhu Quynh at FPT Tech Experts 2018.

Quynh has been devoting for FPT for 13 years. She possesses remarkable achievements such as Outstanding project manager of the year, outstanding individuals for many years. Since 2015, Ms. Quynh has held the position of Deputy Director of a software center. She manages 60-70 engineers and experts. She has a wide understanding of the Tax and Public Finance industry. Ms. Quynh is involved in consulting customers (General Department of Taxation) on the professional contents stipulated in circulars, professional processes of tax administration. In addition, she has a deep understanding of the State Treasury’s operations and have experience in building and advising new architectural solutions for customers. In the leadership role, Ms. Quynh always trains, supports and motivates, gives advice and career orientation for young colleagues.

Ms. Nguyen Hong Van – Tax guru in charge of  Bangladesh market

Ms. Nguyen Hong Van is currently the Head of Business Analysis at FPT IS FPS. She is also a business consultant (Level 3-Group Level). At FPS, Ms. Van performs business analysis, business process consulting and system for customers. She also manages the business analysis and testing team, ensuring project quality and operational quality.

Ms. Nguyen Hong Van, Head of Business Analysis at FPT IS FPS, a business consultant Level 3-Group Level.

Ms. Van graduated from prestigious universities such as Hanoi University of Technology, Accounting – National Economics. After graduation, she chose FPT as the first place to work and engage with this second family. Ms. Nguyen Hong Van has been with FPT for 10 years. She thinks that work is developing but there are many things to do. She has experienced various projects such as VAT management system in Bangladesh; Income tax management system in Bangladesh; Online tax declaration system for Vietnam’s tax industry; Upgrading Vietnam’s tax industry architecture; Vietnam personal income tax; Online stock for Japanese customers.

Ms. Tang Ngoc Phuong: The multitask guru

Ms. Tang Ngoc Phuong is currently the technology team leader at FPT Online. She has 10 years at FPT with expertise in System Architecture, Programming, Computer Network. She is one of the rare female technology experts at the corporation who is not from FPT IS. She is known as a very versatile female programmer, who is able to take on many different jobs, never rejecting any assigned work and always fulfilling her mission. In 2018, she was granted the technology specialist (Level 3, Group Level). She participated in projects such as VnExpress’s Platform, VnExpress’s Editor Enterprise Platform, VnExpress’s RWD, She has won titles such as outstanding individuals at FPT Online and FPT.

She is not only the person who is always aiming for perfection in her work but Phương also regularly helps and supports colleagues. “When incidents occur, Phuong always actively resolves or supports colleagues”, a co-worker at FPT Online stated.

A determination to conquer the big project

There are similar characteristics among three female technology expert of the Corporation batch of 2018, which are enthusiasm, passion, and desire to conquer big projects. Ms. Bui Thi Nhu Quynh always aspires to deploy large technology projects, which can help lives of millions of people to become more convenient (Especially, with the Centralized Tax Administration (TMS) project that she led has helped over 52 million people. As a result, people and businesses pay taxes more conveniently). This is also the reason why she devoted her whole life to working for FPT.

Sharing the same opinion with Ms. Quynh, Ms. Nguyen Hong Van has been with FPT for 10 years. Ms. Van said that what keeping her to stay here is to have the opportunity to experience in projects. When we think of Ms. Van, we cannot forget the Integrated Tax Management System and VAT System in Bangladesh. The project itself has nationally influence, with millions of Bangladeshi people and businesses using the system.

Meanwhile, for Ms. Tang Ngoc Phuong, it is a determination, even under the difficult situation to program and builds a foundation in Vnexpress platform. In 2018, VnExpress has more than 41 million active users, continues to hold the position of the most widely read Vietnamese newspaper.

With the pioneering spirit leading the way, dare to tackle difficulties, these women technology “generals” have participated in projects that influence tens of millions of people, bringing great value to the society in Vietnam and other countries. Thirty years of history, FPT is also thirty years that women have joined hands to build the company, the legacy that women left at FPT left is huge. In the future, the challenge is extremely huge to build a world-class corporation of digital transformation. The 4.0 revolution requires another level and opens up many opportunities for FPT. At present, the percentage of female staff at FPT is about 40%, this number will definitely not stop here, the women, especially the female technology expert will be the inspiration, a key motivation for the FPT ship to reach the big sea in industrial revolution 4.0.

Le Hoang

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