Mobile phones and touchscreen applications today are very popular. After the period of screen communication applications – GUI (Graphical User Interface), a subsequent period of voice communication with smart devices is on the rise – VUI (Voice User Interface). Voice communication will be easier for all people from children to the elderly.

FPT has developed solutions and platforms to prepare for this period. Rogo Home is a solution, a mobile platform that helps transform digital products to create new product experiences for traditional businesses with content.

1. The technology used to develop

Rogo Home development platform relies on artificial intelligence technologies such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, language analysis and intelligent search. Voice synthesis (Text to speech – TTS) is a technology developed at FPT very early with different versions and voices.

Rogo Cloud platform will automatically use this service through FPT.AI to create automated documents such as weather forecasts, news, traffic bulletins, stories, etc. The system will automatically generate content for us daily. Companies or businesses that provide content do not need to have people reading or compiling content anymore. Rogo Home and Rogo Cloud will automatically convert text-based digital content into audio content. Thereby helping users have new experiences for traditional services such as VnExpress newspaper, weather forecast or traffic news,…

Automatic Speech Recognition – ASR is a technology that turns sound into text. Thereby the way users communicate with machines, robots or phones becomes simpler instead of typing on the screen. This is also an important technology during the VUI period to simplify the way people work with machines and reduce the time of human interaction. The technology understands Vietnamese language analysis as a search or helps reporters to automatically record logs of interviews to text.

Natural language understanding – NLU is also based on artificial intelligence developed by FPT to help analyze words from machine knowledge or filter information to help Rogo Home create automated requests with traditional services. For example, when there is a saying “Book a flight tomorrow” the system will be transformed into an API such as traditional services to order customers, the system will understand the date, booking and information needed. Smart search system uses open source technology from Elasticsearch, which helps to search for information by relevant content, such as a children’s song, or a fairy tale, the little friends will not need to remember the correct title, just say the relevant content in the lesson, the system will automatically find to give the correct content the user wants.

2. The main functions of Rogo Home

Rogo Home is a mobile application that makes indoor life smarter. By applying the latest technologies to solve simple problems in life, Rogo Home helps the family to be more entertained and engaged.

VnExpress fast news reading by artificial intelligence voice

If you are a person who has to move a lot, afraid to read the news on the phone screen, this application will solve for you the problem. Just say or choose the “Read news” or “News” tag. All the latest and hottest news on VnExpress will be synthesized and automatically read by the latest “Ban Mai” artificial intelligence voice from FPT.AI platform. If you want to read the full news of the latest articles on VnExpress, you can say “Read the news”, the application will read the new and outstanding news of all categories in the newspaper. However, if you are only interested in something like “sports”, you can say “Read sports news“. In addition, there are many categories with the content on current affairs, business, entertainment, football, law, education, health, life, tourism, science, digitalization, and vehicles. You may also require similar applications.

Look up information

To know the weather where you are interested, you may ask “How is the weather today?” The weather forecast information from VnExpress will be updated daily from the provinces and big cities in Vietnam. The application will synthesize a piece of information in the sound of a female voice in the South by the voice reading “Hà Tiểu Mai”, users can search without looking, just listen while driving, or when busy doing the other works.

Look up daily information like “Today’s dollar price?” Or “Lottery results in today”, “Lottery results in the day before” “What is the gold price today?”. This will be a tool to help you quickly look up and immediately read this information in the most accurate way.

Unlimited entertainment

Entertainment with online music on demand. You can request any song like “Turn on Vietnamese song” or just turn on the latest songs “Turn on music/Play music”, the application will turn on the most popular Vietnamese songs from Nhaccuatui.

Entertain small friends with your own music store from the “Traditional” songs to the latest songs in Vietnamese and English. For example, “Open music for children” the application will open a random song in the music store for small children as a surprise gift. Or parents can choose lively and cheerful songs that incorporate remixes with the words “Open a lively children’s music” or the music of a small singer like Xuan Mai – “Open Xuan Mai music” or English music by the command “Open music for children in English”.

In the itinerary for parents to pick up children, on the whole trip, they can entertain with fun and exciting songs. Especially on the car, you just need to remember a keyword in the children’s song and the application can be found. Nearly 1,000 children’s songs have lyrics and can be easily searched from the contents of the song, the young people do not need to remember the exact name but can still play the desired song.

Telling fairy tales is an application that perhaps any parent with young children aged 3-7 years old needs to use. After coming home, after the meal, the parents can join the children to experience the fairy tales from Vietnam to international such as thousands of nights, Greek myths, Grim’s fairy tales,… You can call follow the name of a specific fairy tale such as “Tell the story of cinderella” or follow a kind of story such as “Telling the Greek fairy tale part 1″. Or simply, users just say the sentence “Tell the fairytale“, the application will automatically pick up storytelling the children.

Rogo Home is not an application with fixed features, it is a voice application ecosystem. Paper pages, electronic newspapers… can easily put content on Rogo Home application, digitalizing content to bring the best experience for users.

In the future, Rogo Home will support smart devices to help connect families and make our lives more convenient.

3. Instructions for use

In order to be able to experience the application, users need to perform the following steps:

Step 1: Download the Rogo Home application from the App Store

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone;
  • Select the search -> enter Rogo Home;
  • Download Rogo Home application to your device.

Step 2: Register for a Rogo Home account

  • Click Sign up;
  • Enter email, password, name and phone number information;
  • Choose to agree to the terms;
  • Click create an account;
  • Account successfully created.

Step 3: Activate the account

  • Login to the email you used to register your FPT Rogo Home account;
  • Click on the link to activate the account -> successful activation.

Step 4: Login

  • Open Rogo Home app on your iPhone;
  • Enter account information such as email and password;
  • Click Login and experience.

The main screen of the application will have the following 3 main items:

  1. Smart home devices are available in homes and in rooms.
  2. Voice applications are available.
  3. Voice commands or writing.

Voice application

  • Click to select the corresponding content such as reading news, sports news, children’s music…

Voice control

  • Open the Rogo Home app;
  • Click on the following button -> then press and hold the button to issue voice commands.

Download the Rogo Home application HERE or

See more about Rogo Home at the video:

Le Ngoc Tuan –  FPT Technology Innovation Department

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