Unexpected problem at midnight

On March 6th night, social media has been bombarded with the news of the 17th COVID-19 infection case after an urgent meeting of the Hanoi People’s Committee, which sparked fear and anxiety among Hanoian.

In the context of the deadly coronavirus outbreak and health alert from authorities, Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, CEO of FPT Corporation, asked FPT-ers to be responsible for medical declaration as well as travelling schedule in a bid of the infection prevention and control.

In resonse, the FPT Technology Innovation Department immediately built an application for medical declaration in order to gather travel history of employees and identify symstoms of the desease, contributing to track and monitor FPT-ers’ health.

Login Interface of medical declaration.

Race against time

Although the requirements was quite simple, it was against the clock to finish the application on time. Staff had been working for 2 days to meet the deadline, posing great challenges and pressure for the team.

Before embarking on building this application, the team had consulted the medical declaration form of the Ministry of Health, from which to provide information items that are appropriate and unique to FPT-ers, helping to create and select databases effectively. As the process of initializing the database went smoothly, the application meets the urgent demands of medical declaration, collects important information and offers a simple and user-friendly form.

As soon as the necessary information items were in hand, the design team of the Technology Innovation Department embarked on the interface design and tried to ensure the most eye-catching and convenient application for users.

The final and the most time-consuming step in the whole process is to code. By taking this step, the team can build the website application and deploy it to the system. In order to complete the application as quickly as possible, the team decided to use such sophisticated and popular tools and platforms as Nodejs for back-end, Vuejs for front-end and MySql and Elasticsearch for database, which helps accelerate the process of formation and deployment and ensure system stability.

The interface of FPT Medical declaration.

With the purpose of facilitating medical declaration among FPT-ers, the Technology Innovation Department team coordinated with the FPT Software technical team in integrating the Medical Declaration into MyFPT. FPTers just need to login with FPT account and fill in the form to declare information about health condition and travel itinerary. The sign-in history and information of each account will be saved on the system. FPT-ers are encouraged to update the information every 2 days to ensure the information is always accurate and up to date.

FPT Medical declaration on MyFPT.

Sharing with FPT TechInsight, Mr. Tran Viet Long, a member of the technical team, said: “In the first place, I was quite confused when being assigned to the task. However, thanks to the effort and engagement of members, along with the support from other departments, the team has completed and implemented the application on time”.

The application is deployed through 2 main channels: MyFPT and website https://ncov.fpt.com.vn supporting 3 languages: Vietnamese, English and Japanese. In the beginning, the application was only for FPT-ers in Vietnam, but the recent update is accessible for all FPT-ers and reaches larger audience around the world.

Thao Nguyen – Long Tran

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