“This is the first time FPT has developed a product with a tight schedule and on a large scale within our company, however, the product has been delivered on time with great quality. I am very thankful for that!” – said Mr Hoshino Yoshihiko – YSD Chief Executive Officer in a comment about the implementation process of PPHontai project.

Customer Engagement

In June and July 2015, FPT Software started to approach to PPHontai, but the Japanese company YSD had not had the intention to work offshore with FPT yet. After a long period of convincing customer, in September 2015, the onsite team took off to join the PP Neko project. The onsite period was short, but the onsite team showed outstanding results that received positive feedback from customers and their partners.

Not long after that, considering the enduring commitment from FPT team, the customer announced the decision for offshore development on 30th October 2015. The first project with YSD when the onsite team got back was testing and bug fixing for PPCommon, contributed by FSU15.BU3. On 19th November 2015, the customer continued their journey with FPT in an order for a project with 74 Functions (390 KLOC), estimated about 280MM.

Promptly within 2 weeks, FPT Software gathered 60 resources to get ready for the big project. On 1st December 2015, the customer officially approves the proposal and project estimation. Our first estimation worthed 225M JPY ( approximately 1.8M USD), with the offshore project size of 983MM and 143MM for onsite.

The PPHontai project was a big project with more than 1000MM, equivalent to 570KLOC. The project developed the Next Generation Neko System, 8th edition, Mobility Area, using “Portable Post” (as known as PP Neko) for tablets for salesman, handling transaction using Android platform (in replace for the old mobility platform). In general, FPT Software developed the software for tablets, dealing with 9 “business lines” of customer. In detail, FPT Software took care the big part in “main body” of PP (or so called PPHontai), and the other smaller parts from the shared PP common of PPFW.

Total Force Battle….

Facing the challenges that the work order from the customer is much larger than expected, FPT Software had decided to execute the project with FPT Software-scale. Mr Hoang Viet Anh, FPT Software CEO said: “I believed that with the commitment from the Top Managers of FPT Software, the project with customer YSD will be successful. Hopefully, on 30th April, all our force will conquer this project.”

In organization, a new FSU was formed from “multi-FSU” team, and was called P2, with abstract separation from work commitments, benefits and human resources among teams.

The project also considered the important part of internal communication: daily and weekly news were established in order to rapidly update the project status and situation, as well as to inform the progress of each team in all region.

PPHontai started with many difficulties, in the first release, the team members took a long time for studying and training, causing the minor delay in progress while the Lunar New Year 2016 would be coming soon. Despite the Tet holiday spirit, PPHontai project team was still enthusiastic, willing to work overtime, endlessly days and nights to fasten the progress, keeping the release on schedule with hard deadline committed with the customer.

On 6th February (2 days till Tet holiday), PPHontai project officially released the first batch with 18 rank-A functions (contains 201 screens), completed 149KLOC/869KLOC. Step-by-step, the next releases were smoothly better. On 18th March 2016, 243 screens from 18 rank-A functions were released to supply the customer’s time-to-market schedule in April. On 22nd March 2016, 243 screens from 18 rank-A functions were not accepted in the Start System Test (ST), impacted to the schedule that YSD had committed with Y Transport.

The following days, the project team kept working overtime continuously to solve the complex bugs. At 1:30 AM on 25th March 2016, FPT released the final build, just in time for YSD to report in the meeting with customer’s head office in the morning. The customer representative had shown their respects for the wonderful working spirit of the project team, as well as FPT for the endless effort fighting against the difficult challenges.

At the beginning of April, good news came to FPT as the customer agreed with the estimation, officially granted FPT the full phase development contract. The next releases were still going, and by 15th April 2016, 341 screens were released with high quality. The project had completed about 98% workload, there were only 2% remaining screens, this was handled by Project #3 and Project #4 on 29th April 2016. By end of day on 10th May 2016, the project PPHontai had closely finish the journey in development.

… Blood, Sweat & Tear, And Many Sleepless Nights

By the end of May 2016, all members in PPHontai project attended the closing ceremony “PPHontai Sum-Up 2016” in Danang. The top representatives from customer had joined with many good feelings. “I wish that you would be a core partner with long-term effect in the future, not only on the current system that you are pursuing now”, shared by Mr Hoshino Yoshihiko – YSD Chief Executive Officer.

After completing the development phase, next actions will consist of 2 big contents: continue to work closely with customers in Testing phase until 30th June 2016; develop add-on requirement from users’ feedback, Spec improvement during the period from July to end of September 2016.

By the end of June 2016, the project team met a big difficulty when the customer switched to a new test method (New IT3), hence vast amount of bugs came along. End of July, the next work order for the project from August became Maintain CR. The customer sent the CSS evaluation, the project team got 74.29 points for the first 7 months of extraordinary efforts. End of August, the project team was asked to implement several functions for the scanner device as they were lacked from the initial design. From the estimation of 8 members working within 1 month, the team had to fully concentrate to fulfill the customer’s requirement as well as to solve 200 incurred bugs in 1 week.

The battle ended with much sweat and tear, with many sleepless nights along with the computers and achieved the fantastic results and feedbacks.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Why FPT?

  • Expense: the most suitable expense for Customer Y;
  • Resource: has an ability to gather a vast amount of resources in shortest time, to ensure the progress and quality of the project;
  • Time Duration: can adjust deployment schedules;
  • Prestige: FPT Software has a good reputation in the Japanese market with many successful projects such as: SKK worths 500.000 USD, E-Logictis;
  • Advantage: FPT Software can take part in or in charge in all stages, from Program Design – Programming – Unit Test and support customers after the project has ended, hence easily to adjust timeline, requirements … optimizing resources better than some other partners.


Cao Quynh Tam, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen – FPT Software

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