The year end technology Magazine- FPT Techinsight is expected to bring readers an objective view of FPT’s activities in the technology field and development goals in the coming period.
As expected, in mid- December 2016, Techinsight will publish FPT Techinsight Technology Magazine, which concludes 140 pages, and is bilingual (English-Vietnamese), with the aim of introducing technological achievements and outstanding projects of member companies; fields of technology research; development orientation; good titles of technology experts group… Editorial Board (EB) of the special issue are professors, doctors graduated from leading universities in the world such as: Stanford leading, Cambridge, Westminster …
It is expected the issue will give readers an objective view about what FPT has been achieved in the field of technology and development goals next time. It is honored when senior leaders of the corporation use this magazine as a gift for partners and customers.
Articles, sharing about technology, projects, memorable experiences in the implementation process, professional knowledge of the specific  technology field from TechInsight’s close authors. Each article can be written in either Vietnamese or English, or both two languages, with the minimum length of 500 words and maximum of 1800 words, along with illustrations. Articles will be posted on FPT TechInsight news page, especially excellent articles will be edited and put into the year end magazine with the attractive royalty.
Further information:
Techinsight technology editorial board
IP Phone: 7300 7300*48845
Email: [email protected]
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