Tang Ngoc Phuong is a friendly, active, agile, and adorable technology woman at FPT. She is one of eight female technology experts at the Group level, and the first female technology expert at FPT Online to receive this honorable title.

Ms. Phuong takes a big part in operating VnExpress. Ms. Tang Ngoc Phuong is currently the technology leader at FPT Online, with 10 years of expertise in system architecture, programming, and computer network. She has experienced projects such as banbe.net, building the VnExpress newspaper architecture platform.

VnExpress newspaper in 2018 has more than 41 million active users, continues to hold the position of the most widely read Vietnamese newspaper. readers accessing time-on-site increased by nearly 10%; The number of visitors to VnExpress who access the site 200 times per month increased by 46%, according to Google Analytics. In order to improve job performance and move toward digitalizing data sources, the technology team is constantly upgrading the modern content publishing platform, improving page access speed, creating an attractive content experience for readers.

At VnExpress, Ms. Phuong holds key roles such as optimizing and upgrading VnExpress’s important services; Contribute to speed up VnExpress’s response and build automatic monitor system for the whole system.

In order to operate a project that has such a large impact on many people, definitely, a female programmer will face significant pressure. Ms. Phuong is almost always had to be ready to tackle problems 24 hours a day, even on holidays or outside working hours. At some point, the girl born in 1988 had to stay up all night to resolve the network problem. She said: “If nothing is too complicated, I can solve it at home. However, there are more difficult incidents, I have to go to the company to handle it, even if it is midnight.”

The bigger the challenge, the more difficult it is for this young female programmer to overcome difficulties. Ms. Phuong tries hard to code every time VnExpress interface upgraded to a new version. Phuong shared: “I remember the last time VnExpress released the new version, the whole team took nearly six months to complete the program. Near the launch date, we completely did not sleep, but the spirit was always excited. You look forward to the experiences that colleagues and readers will receive and expect positive feedback. That feeling is hard to describe.” So, happiness for a programmer is sometimes such a simple and trivial thing like that.

When international fiber optic cable broke, network providers will adjust domestic traffic, affecting service synchronization between the North and South. At that time, Tang Ngoc Phuong was responsible for quickly resolving incidents for VnExpress. Since there were prepared contingency plans, it was not difficult for a tech girl to manage to tackle the problem in collaboration with the team. During the cable break period of about three weeks, VnExpress’s system still ran smoothly and synchronously as if nothing happened. This reduced damage to the lowest level and did not affect the newspaper’s huge audience.

Facing the big challenge, with a “big” project, impacting millions of people at home and abroad, what is the secret to Phuong’s way of manage such high performance?

First of all, it is passion. Someone once said, “Do the work you love and your whole life will not work every day.” With such a mindset, Phuong brings in her passion and revealed: the secret: “To be good at programming, I first have to have a passion for programming, passion for technology. Next is to have a working process, actual collision. One important thing is to have the spirit of always wanting to conquer difficult things.”

Perhaps few people know that when Phuong was young, she had a dream to be a teacher, but she shared, “I was forced to learn by heart, have to answer, so I did not want to be a teacher anymore.“. This is also the time when the Internet is exploding in Vietnam, from which Ms. Phuong explores technology and turns into a programmer. She entered the Faculty of Information Technology of Hoa Sen University, graduated and pursued her favorite path.

The second is to learn constantly. This is probably the general spirit of FPT with the desire to become a learning organization. However, for Phuong, she learns from people around. She learns from her relatives, colleagues, people who are closest to her and the most important thing that it is continuous and “in real time”. Perhaps because of that, now in the “library” skill, the language of Phuong is so massive.

Third, the Saigon Girl is a very versatile one, who can take on many different kinds of jobs. And she never refused to tackle any work assigned by her superior. Moreover, the programmer always completed her mission successfully. This can lead to pressure at some point. When facing huge pressure, she chose to stop right there. This does not mean surrender. Phuong explained: “It means that I didn’t do anything at the time. I will stop working, go around Saigon for comfort. When the mood is stable, I will sit back and concentrate on solving the problem thoroughly.”

Finally, Ms. Phuong shared her family as a strong base: “Husband and family always support Phuong in her work, understand and sympathize for me whenever I have to work overtime to handle the problem. As for herself, Phuong always tries to work smoothly to have more time for her family.”

At the company, she also considered the second family, her colleagues always with her side by side: “For me, FPT is like home. Because here I can find real friends, friends who have a strong attachment and share many things in life. It’s not easy to find a friendly working environment and leaders who care and listen to employees like FPT.”, Tang Ngoc Phuong expressed.

Not only is a person who always achieves excellent work, but female developer FPT Online is also known as a friendly and enthusiastic person, as well as being the leader in events at the Technical department. Ms. Phuong was remarked by her colleagues that “always working with a very high sense of responsibility. A special feature, she is a rare girl in the field of information technology – an area where men often dominate. Despite being a girl, Phuong always proved bravery, not inferior to any man.”

Among the eight technology experts at the Group level, there are… seven experts from FPT IS. Ms. Tang Ngoc Phuong is the only remaining technology expert, representing FPT Online. She is particularly impressed with the annual technology ranking program, she said: “The program helps technology workers to feel proud and recognized from the group. It needs to be widely disseminated and encourage special employees, especially women, to register more and proactively.”

Ms. Tang Ngoc Phuong at FPT Tech Experts 2018.

Female technology experts still account for a modest percentage compared to the other half in the IT industry. However, the inspirational stories and lessons from technology experts like Phuong will surely be the inspiration for the other female colleagues to follow and contribute to this knowledge-intensive human resource industry, to make Vietnam became a pioneer in the fourth industrial revolution.

Le Hoang

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