Humans are the most critical factors in the context of information technology plays an increasingly important role. At FPT, human role, especially the role of technology experts is pivotal to the company in leading emerging global leader in smart services, under the revolutionary wave 4th industry.
Started in 2013, the Technology & Innovations department and Human Resources Department jointly organized technology ranking officials at the corporation level, to direct FPT as a leading technology group, as well as developing core technology experts. This is an annual activity to encourage and  honor the technology officers to join mutual activity of FPT. After 3 years of development, now FPT has a total of 113 experts  honored at corporate level. The technology policy helped the technology expert at corporate level to have a clearer picture of the career path. This new policy helps technology expert to specialize in their field and focus on the technology work in their respective fields.
In 2016, FPT officially launched the project “Ranking technology staffs at corporate level” (See detailed list of commitee in Table 1). This is the fourth consecutive year to evaluate and rank technology experts at corporation level. The project is expected to start on August 1st 2016 and lasts one month. Honor ceremony will be held on the occasion of the FPT anniversary on September 13th  2016. The project consists of two categories: ranking and evaluation of new technology staff  and evaluation of previous technology staffs.
Table 1.Commitee for ranking title
List of members, including Mr. Truong Gia Binh (FPT Chairman), Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc (FPT CEO), Mr. Le Hong Vietnam (CTO, Technology Council chairman), the remaining members of the Board of technology includes: Dinh Le Dat, Vu Anh Tu, Nguyen Loc Vu, Tran Huu Duc, Bui Hai Thanh, Gia Dao Hanh Tran the Trung, Tran Huy Bao Giang, Nguyen Phuong Hoang, Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Head of HR of FPT: Trinh Thu Hong. Establishment of this Board  is effective from July 28th 2016 until the end of the task.
There are 5 ranking titles this year:
1.Product Manager: Has primary responsibility for the development and refinement of technology products
2.Architect: Designer of overall architectures for information systems and products.
3.Specialist: Deep knowledge of a specific discipline, programming language, popular technological product, technological solution or technical basis to develop new products and technologies
4.Business Consultant: Expert in certain domains. Searches for and discovers business opportunities from applications of products and technological solutions.
5.Technical Consultant: In direct contact with the customer. Acknowledges and understands customer problems in depth to put forward the most suitable proposal on the basis of existing technological solutions and products.
Criteria for ranking officers FPT technology include: Education (diplomas, technology certificates); Foreign Language; Experience in technology; Experience with technological titles; Importance level for the organization; Trophy / Achievement Technology achievements; Contribution to the community; Understanding of the IT industry; Ability to work with customers and partners.
One of the modifications of this year compared to 2015 :
• Change Revenue Influence into  technological achievements
• Change the degree of influence over other technology officers into contribution to the community
Ranking process: Based on the criteria, HR contact points in subsidiaries will vote and submit nominations to the committee, after confirming with the CTOs (contact Candidate right personnel at the unit and return the completed CV personnel asap). Then the committee will rank with three steps as follow: evaluation of the nomination; interview selected staff; evaluation Committee will vote for ranked technology expert at Corporation level in 2016. Then, FPT will hold a ceremony honoring technology officer at corporation level on September 13th 2016.
– List of candidates will be sent to : [email protected]
– Questions of ranking system, sent to: [email protected]
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