The remaining weeks of September also marks the end of FPT Tech Sharing Topic #1: “Pitching AI for business”. Only 7 days remains to join the competition, share your knowledges and experiences in tech development and win yourself attractive prizes.

The current rate of AI application in Vietnam are seeing constant rises, including e-commerce – a major industry heavily impacted by AI, with 29% of AI firms operating in this very field. Transportation and logistics also recorded a respective 18%, while education saw a 12% figure. It can be seen that in Vietnam, not only large enterprises are applying AI in manufacturing, but the same also occur in business models of small and medium companies, especially in start-ups.

With the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of data, Artificial Intelligence can help modern businesses to improve customer engagement, work efficiency, and reach breakthroughs in customer experience.

From chatbot, voice assistants to face identification… AI is skyrocketing. According to Tractia, a business analysis company that specializes in human interaction with technology, the global revenue from the AI category is expected to rise from 3.2 billion USD in 2016 to 89.8 billion USD in 2025.

FPT Tech Sharing #1: “Pitching AI for business” will accept submission from August 12, 2020 to  September 25, 2020. With the topic “Pitching AI for business”, authors can share their AI knowledges, scientific articles on AI, and successful applications in business operations; which allow for work efficiency improvements, cost saving, and breakthroughs in competitive advantages.

Participants who submit excellent entries in FPT Tech Sharing will receive a prize of 700,000 VND, and the entries will be posted on FPT TechInsight. In particular, the Organizing Committee does not limit the number of entries per participant.

At the end of theme #1, those who have the most works meeting the requirements of the Organizing Committee will receive an additional bonus of 1,000,000 VND. In addition, those whose article has received the most page views as of September 25, 2020 will receive a prize of 1,000,000 VND. The biggest prize worth VND 2,000,000 will go to the participant of the entry judged to be the best work of AI. All participants  having articles posted on FPT TechInsight will be invited to attend the “Knowledge Sharing Day 2020” event scheduled to take place in November 2020.

The entry must meet such criteria: practicality (30%); academic, in-depth knowledge (40%); language, logicality (30%). Specifically:

  • Length: 900-1,500 words (excluding captions, references and appendices);
  • Entries can be in English / Vietnamese or in both languages;
  • Entries have not been published on any page, plagiarism rate should be less than 20%;
  • Unlimited number of entries per participant.
  • Participants write and submit entries here. File name: Tech Sharing – Full name.

Entries have never submitted in any other writing competition, information, including content, images and videos, cited must be authentic and ensure Copyright compliance.

Qualified entries will be posted at: within 14 days from the submission date. For further information, please contact Ms. Thao My: 0363626569 – Email: [email protected]

Join FPT Tech Sharing now to immerse yourself into tech-savvy community, spread the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and get attractive prizes.

FPT Tech Sharing #1: Pitching AI for bussiness

  • Submission Date: from August 12 to September 25, 2020
  • Participants submit entries here. File name: Tech Sharing – Full name.
  • For further information, please contact Ms. Thao My: 0363626569 – Email: [email protected]
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