FPT Corporate University (FCU) has collaborated with FPT Technology Innovation Board to open a new course: Solution Architect 1 (SA1) exclusively for FPT technological staff.

SA1 is a software engineering training course exclusively for FPT technology staff who are responsible for designing and building solutions for product requirements.

The content throughout the course will focus on the main topics: The beginning of the architect; Security software engineer; Analysis requirements; Model Architecture; Big data; Application development methodology; DevOps.

Lecturers of the course are leading technology experts of FPT Technology Department (FTI) in Solution Architect field. Participating in the course, students will be funded SA certificate costs (CITA-F, CITA-A…) after completing the course and have the opportunity to sponsor the cost of studying other online SA courses that meet international standards. At the same time, the attendees will receive sponsorships and commitments from the organizers. FPT officials who want to attend need to have at least 3-4 years of experience in software programming (DEV3, DEV 4, SA1) and participate in at least 1-2 projects in the role of architectural structure/system design engineer.

The first “Solution Architect” course will be officially opened at the Training Room on the 14th floor, FPT Cau Giay Building, Hanoi on March 29, and will take place every Friday and Saturday of the week; Study time is expected in March, April 2019 at the 14th floor, FPT Building, 17 Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi.

Details about the course, employees can contact FCU staff: [email protected] or phone number: 0364 361 163.

SA1 is a course in FPT’s staff training roadmap. In recent years, FPT has invested heavily in training activities with many programs for technology staff such as courses on AI, Big Data, BA, SA…; sponsoring technology certificates, and participating in many prestigious seminars at home and abroad such as KSE. The indicators of trained employees, the number of hours of training also increased significantly compared to 2017, especially the number of technology certificates of employees, most of which are the certificates related to the trends of industry 4.0 such as cloud computing, IoT, Big Data… Besides, the FCU training programs deployed in 2018 are:

  • Training Core Officer
  • MiniMBA
  • 72h experience rookie training
  • Vertical BA
  • Training of technology experts (SA1, IoT, Big Data, AI)
  • Complete academic regulations (MOOCs)
  • TGB seminar
  • Master-disciple
  • Periodic examination FQ

Over the past time, FPT also received many awards on training policies and working environment such as Top 100 best working environments in Vietnam in 2015; Good working environment and excellent human resources training and development policy (Vietnam HR Awards 2014 and 2016); Top 5 most desirable employers in Vietnam (Jobstreet); The most popular recruiter in the field of IT in Vietnam voted by CareerBuilder.

In particular, at the HR Asia Award 2018 award ceremony held on September 14, FPT was honored as one of 28 companies in the Vietnamese market and is one of 130 companies in the Asian region with the best working environment in the area.

Ms. Trinh Thu Hong – FPT Human Resource Director representing FPT received the HR Asia Award 2018.

Ms. Trinh Thu Hong, FPT Human Resource Manager shared that, in the past 30 years, FPT has built and maintained a technology environment, which is creative, dynamic with unique corporate cultural values. “Every FPT employee is given the best conditions and trained in professional skills and soft skills to develop talents. This is also the cohesive glue among 33,000 FPT employees worldwide, which is an important motivation for FPT to keep the “pioneering fire” in the past 3 decades and always in the top of enterprises with the most sought-after working environment”, Ms. Hong shared.


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