Alarm devices, smart speakers, CCTV cameras of FPT can be integrated with FPT Play Box+ to build the smart home systems.

Baby Rogo

FPT smart speaker is shaped like a robot but its size is not too big, light weight and simple structure. The product aimed at children.
On the body of the speaker are six control buttons, with basic features, such as playing music, moving cards, connecting buttons … The LED light at the position of the robot’s eyes is both for decoration and for signal lights. Not only the design, the features of Baby Rogo are also aimed at children, such as being able to recognize commands in the words of the child, play fairy tales … This device will be released at the end of the year , with a price of less than 1 million. 

Burglary warning device FPT iHome

Set of sensors that detect the opening/closing status, helping to avoid the burglary or accidentally opening the door without the owner. The set includes two main ceramic components, light weight and can easily be installed on the door with stickers, costing about 300,000 VND.
The main part of the sensor consists of a signal receiver, with an indicator light, four buttons for password protection and a quick lock button. The iHome intrusion alert kit can connect to the indoor Wi-Fi system, send alert data to users using the phone app, or call message.
The device has built-in switches to adjust the mode, such as adjusting the volume of the alarms, selecting the quick open mode in case the user goes out for a short time. This device is equipped with two AAA batteries, which can be used for 3-6 months.

Surveillance camera

FPT’s surveillance camera manufacturing unit also introduces a pair of products priced at less than 2 million VND, designed for indoor and outdoor viewing needs.
The design of the products is similar to many camera models on the market today, and is optimized for use. These cameras can detect and record motion pictures.
A special feature is that FPT’s cameras have the option of using this unit’s cloud storage system. The data from the camera will be secured and stored for a long time depending on the needs of the user

A range of equipment for a smart home is displayed today at FPT’s Tech Day 2019, held in Hanoi. FPT Techday 2019 carries the message “Smart start”. In the 6th organization, Techday 2019 has the largest scale ever. The event attracted more than 4,000 participants, including about 500 senior leaders of large enterprises, banks and technology experts.

Source: VNE

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