Starting from the actual need to have a common framework applied in building systems for customers to shorten the deployment time which is easy to maintain and improve the stability of the system, FPT IS has developed SmartCore, a platform that provides basic system software that allows you to add extensions, besides the existing template modules.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tho, owner of the invention SmartCore Framework.

SmartCore Framework, developed by Mr. Nguyen Minh Tho and his colleagues in a complete three-layer system framework including Database, Application Server and Application Client, provides tools that allow programmers to easily develop business functions, supports the development of specific features of each product in the form of Plugins and a variety of database platforms.

SmartCore Framework version 0.1 was released in 2013, including basic modules such as module maintain, module Search, module execproc, module switch and module report. The new version of SmartCore Framework 0.5, introduced in the year 2014, added module transaction, module statistic,  and a feature allowing plugins to be attached. In 2015, SmartCore Framework version 1.0 added features for asynchronous processing, system integration and a number of custom modules as well as advanced some older modules to improve speed and become more user-friendly. Currently, SmartCore has all manual documents of development and architecture.

The development of SmartCore Framework is accompanied by the deployment of software projects for customers to take advantage of the deployment time, customer requirements as well as suggestions in the process of using the end user to be applied the development of the framework.

For projects that are decided to use SmartCore framework, within one day, they can build up a framework of the system and create a ready environment for developers to build the system functions, minimizing 10% of the development time.

For every function of the system, as a normal way, the developer must draw a screen, code the processing of constraints among data fields and submission of data. However, with Smartcore framework, developers only need to declare fields data in tables and write a store procedure to submit data, minimizing 30% of the function development time.

SmartCore Framework is applied to many projects; therefore, it have been proven high performance, security and usability. As a result, it reduces the time required to test and try these features, at least 5% of the deployment time of the project.

With regard to staffs of the project, in addition to a senior supporter of smartcore, the rest of the developers only need PLSQL database programming skills to be able to develop system functions, contributing to reduction in the cost of deploying resources.

SmartCore Framework 1.0 is currently applied to many other customers in the banking – finance sector. In terms of intentions for the future, the project team proposed an internal R&D project to upgrade SmartCore Framework 1.0 to 2.0 with more improved features supporting for a variety of technology platforms and database as well as provide more optimal tools for developers, develop and improve the available features of the product.

The invention SmartCore Framework of Mr. Tho is also one of the four products in the final round of iKhien in August.

Thao Nguyen

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