With nearly 1200 turns of participants in 5 days, the first season of FPT CodeFights ended with the victory of Nguyen Doan Hai Long from FPT Software on the 5th day of competition. The final result is now being calculated by the Organizer.

Being a very familiar name, winning several prizes from the organizer from the first day to the last day, the winning in the fifth day is a deserved result of programmer Nguyen Doan Hai Long. The next positions belong to Duong Thanh Hai (FPT HO), Pham Quang Viet (FPT Software), Nguyen Tien Tuan Anh (FPT Software) and Luong Van Do (FPT Software).

No Full name Subsidiary Score Time
1 Nguyen Doan Hai Long FPT Software 1615 0:53:46
2 Duong Thanh Hai FPT HO 1532 0:56:24
3 Pham Quang Viet FPT Software 1500 0:52:00
4 Nguyen Tien Tuan Anh FPT Software 1300 0:59:21
5 Luong Van Do FPT Software 1200 0:32:42

To reach to the top of the ranking, with eight tests in 60 minutes, the participants had to make the most out of their time. With the participants’ appropriate strategies, thoroughly resolving each test case to earn points, ranking order changes according to the pace of the test. The competitors of the fifth day chased after each other with very tight difference in total scores and the appearance of many new faces.

On this last day of competition, the organizers opened an online support portal to provide the best conditions for contestants to help solve problems quickly and in a timely manner. With a multiplication factor of 4, the results of the test also left many regrets for several participants.

After 5 days competing online on Codefights.com website, FPT CodeFights has brought an exciting playground to the programmers in the whole corporation.

Nguyen Ha

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